Saturday, November 03, 2018

New girl, Delora

Handmade two dress for my girls while introducing my new girl ,a DWC-03 head got it 3 years ago(2015).

It's being on and off with this hobby, that made me from dressmaking to face up on my own. I am a person with too many hobbies, but I for sure, genuinely love everything I do, be in handmade stuff,  cosplay,  photography,etc..

Here's a brief profile for my new girl:

Name: Delora Lyelane
Birthday: 11th June 2015
Type: Volks DWC-03 Head on SDGr Girl Body
Eyes: Volks HG Glass Eyes [Cadet Blue with White Line: 16mm]
Loves: Wanderlust, books, photography

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Tüzes Beáta said...

Én is szeretek varrni babaruhákat. Tetszik.