Monday, August 28, 2006

Tiara in Gothic Lolita

Finally, did a full set Lolita-dress for Tiara ^_^ I always wanted to do this for my dear dollies.

She also finally gets to wear the mini crownie i m selling at Den of Angels Forum and the wig are really nice too, it was a lovely gift from her 'kaima'(god-mother) Lily-chan *Tiara huggles kaima~*

and the Mary Jane shoes, simply meant for this loli-dress XD; I'm still looking for a white long boots for her, to match with any future dress i m going to make for her ^^

I enjoyed myself a lot in this sewing. At first, was pretty much challenging, but the guides from the GosuRori Magazine(gothic-lolita themed dress making magazine) are really useful~ fortunately my basic japanese are helpful enuff to read it the instruction ^^

Still got some flaws around and needa adjust it again when i get my freetime again ,esp the waist frills...MUST RE-SEW THAT PART! ^^; i took 2 weekends to finish the dress, i wish i got more time to do the sewing...but i will try to make another set with the flower patterns cloth i bought from Home and Garden last time. Would love to show that auntie too X3 since she said she would love to meet my dollie too *hearties*

This is the modified version from the original pattern from the magazine, i simplified on the layers ,so, my version are much plain than the original one XD; But the skirt part din come out flare enuff as expected... i think the skirt pattern need to be longer...

i had SEW much fun with this little lolita dress challenge ^^ Tiara looks really happie with it too *hearties*

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Softly in Pink

Close up portraits of Tiara in PINK ^^ i love to see tiara in pastel, and the pink fur wig was simply cute one for her *hearties

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Caera Lyelane

Finally, decided a name for her, Caera (pronouce as "Keh-Ra / Kei Ra" ) ^_^

Crossover ;3 PetWorks dress are indeed nice, took me almost half and hours to take off and wear it on Seara *lolz* and Caera fits perfectly on Jenny Clothing too ^w^v Love my girls <3

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Momoko in The Little Room ^^

Finally, another family member joined in ^_^ Now, Seara got another sister! yayy~! But i haven't thought of a name for this Blue Labyrinth Momoko yet, becuz it was too sudden of having her into my dolly family~i really adore her beautiful blonde hair ^^ The skin colour are nice too, it's near to Seara's skin tone too. Finally, a dream momoko is now at home with us ^_^ will try to take more pics of them by tomorrow with a better lighting. Stay tune ;3

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cover Girl!

A chiplak Magazine cover for Seara. Yay, she's the cover girl! XD had this idea when i was flipping thru the fashion magazines ^^

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

White Luv

i like this posing, looks like hi-fashion <3

close up

bought this from Yahoo Taiwan Auction ^^ very cute! and it's made of soft leather, i bet it fits in any 1/6 doll ^^ And the outfit she's wearing is the Jenny doll outfit i bought from Spore, same piece as the last post, just that i removed the laced cardigan and seems like it looks so much better without the top XD; matching with this white boots is kanpeki! ;D