Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mini Outing

Tiara's first outing ^_^ Venue is the Anjung Rimba Park beside the Sabah Arkib building. Was a good place to take dollie for some nice photoshooting (nitpick for the place:wonder becuz the flower season just passed by, not much attractive flowers to take pics with ^^;)

close up<3

i personally love this pic of them together, lovely ^w^

^_^ the mini doll outing we had today, Riuei, Tiara and little Seara (she suppose to be Tiara's elder sister, if accordding to their birthday lolz) XD;

Now, Seara's turn. Actually, she is much easier to manage, becuz she is small XD; and she can eventually took pics anywhere nice, becuz she is light enuff to hang on there *lolz*

close up ^^

Red and green leaves, makes a very nice contrast in here, i love it ^^

one of my favourit too XD Riuei cuteyyyy~~~<3

our next stop were having a tea break at San Francisco Cafe at Tanjung Aru there. ^_^ if we were to have dollie gathering, this place is awesome! Had our dollie yumcha with us too XDD ii kanji~ <3

Okie dokie, Riuei is saying bye bye to me and Tiara, he's going home lorr ~ Tia going to miss you alot nyuuu *pats Tia * larr dear, you will meet him again one lar, he's just 5 minutes drive away from our house *lolz* unless he went back to Sandakan lar.. lain cakap XD;; dun force me to take u there if no holiday ^^;;; OKAY JYA XD that's all for today. I had lotsa lotsa fun today. Thanks Tsa for keeping me company for today's mini outing. Wish we have a bigger dollie fren gathering next time ^^ *cheers*

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Outing Preparation ^^

Okie dokie, she's prepared to go outing *excited*

This is actually Seara's box, i used to keep wigs and other outfits in, in case Tiara need changing ^w^

Voila~ The basket i bought, fits all in (Seara's able to put into this too)!!! XDD And this is actually the preparation for tomorrow's photoshooting outing with Tsa> Please don't rain~ and hopefully a bright day for tomorrow's photoshooting session ^w^

Monday, June 19, 2006

The different looks on Tiara

I sewn a furwig for Tiara ^_^ I m quite happy, cuz it looks really sweet and decent on her <3

Attempted a simple top and a layered skirt

her standing pose is quite a steady one, but I was having problem with her sitting pose (not the suwarikko one), her joints/legs falls behind, and it's hard to bend at 45 degree... i guess needa do some wiring? sueding? *shrugs* i dont dare to do this yet ><;; till i get enuff information to start....

I love her suwarikko pose <3

ahah, took pic with Riuei again XD and i simply love this pics becuz of the way Tia posed here <3

Tia put on Riuei's wig (a default/original MSD Ken Wig), LOVELY, i want to get a similiar wig for Tia toooooo!!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Photostory XD

First attempt on photostory XD; ahah, little Tiara being a little kacau to Riuei lately. I tot she was suppose to be shy, but i think she likes Riuei chan as a kor kor ne ;D

Friday, June 09, 2006

Tiara's Arrival ♥

I was so so so excited to open this box. Never in my life, i could ever imagine, i would have a day like today X3 aa,kami sama~ lily, thank youuu XDDDD

Box comparison with the MSD silver box, least the same lar XD heheh

...... my heart just stop for seconds... okay lar, i admit... i cried in front of was so unbelievable to me lar, i really have her home now... oh Tiara dear, welcome home ^_^

and these are her stuff, her default outfit, accessories, wig ,SD manual booklets and a white wig gift from her kaima (god-mother XD;; aka Lily~ thankyou ^w^)

The booklets, user manual, application forms, SD owner List form and a Volks SD Pin badge, YAY, i m officially a SD owner now *prouds XDDD*

i love her default face up and her eyes too X3 i think i wont re do her face up for some time, i just love her defaults!

when she came out of the box, the first kampungan fren she met here is Riuei-chan ;D || Riuei chan is a good 'host' ne XD;;;; serve Tiara well XD (but dun think baddie baddie stuff ya >O , is based on the 'ouran host club' concept one lar )

oooh, quite lovely for both of them ;3

Frankly, today is a dream come true day. Is no more, looking at other people��s doll and imagine how would it like to become a doll owner one day.. gladly, the day came ^^ I m one now. The amount I spent, is worthy ^_^

I always wanted to have angels at home, waiting for me and then I can spent some time sewing for them, to make them as beautiful as can be , and to give the love as much as I can to them. Really love to see both Seara and Tiara beautiful everyday, so I will ganbatte! Work harder, find more money to give a better life for you two.

I m now living in a life like one of the ��Plant Doll�� story ^_^ no more dreaming but it��s reality now.

Too happy to say how happy I m now, just happy happy and very very very happy XDDD