Monday, September 26, 2005

Seara & Wazakka (Re-Ment)

Seara got her new bear bear from the Re-Ment Wazakka set i bought for her.

Part of the sets, which consist of the Summer,Spring and Autumn in here. The bearbear plush she's holding are from the Autumn set.

Close ups on the miniatures. Truly detailed. But too bad, Seara doesn't fit in the geta (jap clog shoes).

Each set of rement comes with a very little cutey keychain *hearts*

Cross-posted some on my own blogger too ^^

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Casual Afternoon Dessert

a daylight shot of the food and Seara. She's in casual afternoon dessert ^^ needa re-adjust the top before i can print some pattern on it ^w^ yess! Seara's EXCLUSIVE! yay ;DDDDD

The food again~ XD yumm, ehehehe

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Re-Ment Wa-sweeto miniatures

Some 'beehoon' snack she's having now ^^ nice, i really like this re-ment miniatures, even i were placing the food for photoshooting nearly tot it was edible XD;;;;;;;; esp the lil mochi in the baskets, it was so really, and the plate of the 3 triangulars kueh (rice cake) too, yuumm P=

the details of these miniatures reallly awesome! ish definately worth ur money! as they are truly DETAILED 'crafted' and, dey produce ONCE, no reproductions of this set. That's make this set more PRECIOUS! cant wait for my 2nd set of Re-Ment to come too~ Seara ureshii desuka? (Seara : *nods* ^^ ) XDDD

aren't these FOOD simply irresistable to TABE I MASU YO!!! XDDD

Thursday, September 22, 2005

A visit to Aslah place again ^^

Aslah's dearie boi, a Tensiya HOUND. Isn't he HAWT! I finally get to met him in FLESH (aka resins) today!

the face up by Anu ish simply amazing and dazzlingly nice!!! it's so find and even the lips line is so visible and detailed * praise Anu very much* and happy for Aslah on getting him at last *hearties*

my gal oso came along ~ here, she met You again! XD but she nearly made Rui angry becuz of some lil miss comm XD but she dun mean it, dun angry ya Ruirui ^^;

Rui ish so cool!! i really love how Aslah did the face up on her boys!

last pic, which took me some time to make them pose for a final snap ^^ hope to find some day so dat aslah and i can take pic on our lil one too~ *hearties*

Monday, September 19, 2005

Visual-kay II

And so, i decided to put on the waffles wig on Seara. It was a kewl surprise, it turn out quite pleasant matching with the kimo ;D

Saturday, September 17, 2005


The sleeveless doesn't look good to me, so i decided to sew on the sleeve and sew one leather-like belt for her. Too bad, the eyelet were too big for Seara's size...yet, this is the smallest i can find over here...

looks a bit of visual-kei. the little jingles was a random, tot it would look nice on her outfit ^^ am so glad, i m finally taking out stuff from my material box to make some lil accessories for her ^^

i m sewing too much of those kimo-like outfit for seara, is time for me to explore/experiment on some loli-dress for her. Becuz i haven't try out the black waffle wigs on her yet ;D

And introducing, our ex-CF03 teddy corsette XD;;;; is now Seara's new fren, TeddyCai~~ and i used the leftover chinese cloth to make a 'wei jing' (ermm...lost my word again ^^; ) with bell on ^w^

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Spectrum Signature

Made a spectrum siggie for Seara ^w^

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Kung Fu

finally, I dare myself to use the fabric dat i reallly precious~ and make a simple chinese clothing for Seara ^^ and here i present, a KUNG FU-Seara XD;;; Sorta boyish image i wanna do to her in this clothing. The wig,*am proudly* sew it myself using the fake fur and restyle it with some hairspray and trimming on it.

A rather dim lighting snap ...and it's 12 midnight btw XD;;;;;;

will try on the daylight lighting tomorrow, off to sleep~ oyasumi Seara-chi~


Actually, this was one of the continual from the last post, which happened on the day itself also, our house got black-out, and my cousin lit of this lil lantern for some light. I found it was pretty interesting and use it to took a pic with Seara dear XD;;;; just plain fun, to take pic of Seara with the lantern ^^

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Experimenting Monochromatic Photography

Experimenting monochromatic photography on Seara ^^

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Miniatures for Seara *hearties*

Waiii~ i bought her some minatures furniture yesterday~ *chooo heartiess* ^w^ fits her very very muchie, especially can do some customizing and set accorddingly~ ^w^ i like the chair very much, has been looking for this since my last trip to KL (last July) liaoz XD;; finally found it here in KK ;3

No new outfit at the moment,this is the previous 'cheap replica', i only added in another accessory(hairpin) for her this time.

Oriental Couple

This neo-guy belongs to Aslah, i borrowed her boy to make a Yukata for him. Sew for fun of course ^^ I also sew another Yukata for Seara with the reference simplified Yukata I got from Lily last time.A Wafuku (oriental setting) i did for them, esp the lil RE-ment miniatures i bought from Singapore last time ^_^ veryyy the useful and KANPEKII!!!

close up on the RE-ment goodie~ this is a o-cha (japanese tea ceremony) set, cute deshou? ;3 Sakana said, dey can make a nice couple ne, darou? ^w^

2nd Attempt on face up

finally, another new face-up after a looong loooong gap in between. Actually, this time, i got myself a Mr. Super Clear (flat) from Singapore, so it won't flakes off easily it it USED TO BE. Plus some lil blushing on her cheek using normal soft pastel on it. She looks more decent this time, but i oughta work harder and practise more on facing up for her, cuz my skill still sucks man =_=;;; ||


is a bed...

is a sofa~! so it's a SOFABED~! lolz *lame amb* XD;;;;

Proud and Cheap Replica XD;;

I am proud of this outfit, cause i like it very much. It's actually a 'cheap-replica' from the Jenny fashion doll i found from the dolly Mook. I m proud of this is bcuz this outfit was made from scratch, not pattern XDDDD =3 ore wa tensai *lolz* *jk* ;PPP

Seara's Yukata

Everysince i learnt how to use the antique sewing machine, i m getting more interested in sewing! so, i started to experiment on some outfit, i started with a simple yukata. These are not her first, it has been going thru lotsa lotsa failures to come into this, a rather quite OHKAY-look one...i still got more to learn and practice to sew one nice and more decent looking Yukata/Kimono.

Wig and face up

Aslah bought some very cheap Mohair wigs, and very the sweeeeeto of her lending me this for temporary,cuz Seara looks kawai sho without any wigs ;_; this is the very first time i see her on wigs...but the face up still the same ^^;;

First Sew

Finally, i learn to sew! yess~ very GUM DONG no toki i sew~ T^T sew this little one-piece for her using my bunch of leftovers cloths i bought my gothloli accessories usage. Now Seara make better use of those cloths ^w^ *hearties

About her

This was her first outfit, from Barbie's fashion fever. Seara still haven't got her wigs yet, i actually took some wool on her hair ^^; And this is also my first attempt on face up using acrylic colors. I applied too much on her eyeliners and eye lashes, looks rather gothic and aweful too..becuz is my first time ><;;;