Friday, May 15, 2009

joyeux anniversaire

It means Happy Birthday in french, bout it sound like a joyous anniversary to me. Tiara's 3 years with me, whilst Aeyra celebrating her 1st anniversary with me on 18th June~ I hope I'll able to sew more to make them more beautiful in everyday,every year (i hope XD; )

A birthday rememberance for both of them ^_^

It's her birthday today! Happy birthday darling dear ^^

Aeyra celebrating her 1st year anniversary on 18th May too~~ marked my dream came true since 1 year ago *lol* is SHIAWASE.

letting her to try another wig i got from dollga last time ^^

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sewing Log : For Tiara

I used the same pattern as for Aeyra in the previous log to sew for Tiara (1/4 scale size) ^^ but this time, i choose a different fabric to try, finally use one of my favourite fabric for sewing~ i've been keeping this for so long *lolz* it's TIME to make good use of it before it grow mushrooms on it~ XD;;;

I am pretty happy with the outcome, tho the finishing(which you can't see it here, cuz it's either inside or at the back) still very bad ><; i m not good in sewing need works, still amateur... orz

p.s. i suppose to make a headdress for her, but turn out look like a bonnet.... i is phailz.... orz

Sewing Log : For Aeyra

First time sewing for a big girl~ ^^ all thanks to this wonderful pattern book by Chang Hsiu Mei that I bought from my last Hong Kong trip , saved me from drafting from scratch, and pretty easy steps to follow too ^^ Still got more of the pattern to try out soon ^^ And I am glad Aeyra looks fine in this dress too, tho my dress is so much simplifed from the one that's made by Chang Hsiu Mei (cuz every pattern comes photos of the doll with the dress on, made by her).

I think... Aeyra smiled ^^