Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Autumn Rose

I should be doing my other stuff.. yet i end up spending my holidays sewing for them... sign of procrastinating? becuz sewing isn't what i suppose to do NOW.

But it's a good thing, especially Aeyra, she didn't get any exposure ever since her arrival ^^;;; and i did some test photos with Schora as a GIRL. Basically, Schora has to be a girl at the moment, cuz SHE need to share a body with Aeyra.

And it's my very first sewing for an SD-size doll!!! All thanks to this wonderful site - FLIMFLAM, that i found a few nice easy pattern to try out ^^ her photos are nice too~~ i read thru her blogs too, she made a beautiful room for her dolls~ i wanna do one too *gets motivated~~* but..wait till i finish doing my current jobs first orz....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

omake XD;

omake from the previous post ♥

Sefa's reaction is so cute XD; lolz but i can understand how he feel. When his girl met a very seductive boy, serious abunai XD;;; but no worries, Tia is not a 'flower-heart-girl' XD;;; she's loyal to her loved one ^_^

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ryu, a pleasant guest from Kyoto

Had a bad day at the custom today. But at least, the boy were safely home(yet).

Here's another box opening for a new child from Kyoto.

aa, the good old Super Dolfie Cute box... just like Tiara's first day arrive~

the outfit are so nice~~

other than Riuei, he's the 2nd boy came to my place ^^

when the SDCute Ren meets SDCute Ryu ^^ nakama nakama~


a mini-photostory of Tiara & Ryu(?, i've yet to know his own name from his owner). i m still not good in doing this, random and a bit crappy ^^;;; 請多多指教~~

I told Tia, there will be a guest home today, so i asked her to greet this new friend ^_^

she was a bit nervous...


he is not belong to me but to Az ^^ i am glad the lottery i won last time, din fall out and gave him a good home instead ^^. it's a pleasure to meet Ryu too~ the custom on this morning was bad... but when i had him home safely, it's all worthwhile~he's truly a messenger that keeps all the laughters and smile from Sato~~Az, omedetou gozaimasu, Ryu wa hontouni ii ko desu ne ^_^

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Schora Test Face-up 01

Finally, i tried my very first face up!!! Its fun ^_^ but a bit time consuming.. probably becuz it's my first time, cuz it took me whole day to finish it. Not an easy task,especially getting the eye brows balance and the painting the lashes on.... seriously respect all the face up artist out there, you guys are awesome, i got so much to learn from you all lagi *salute*~

i m happy for my first face up ^^ i hope i can gain more confident to help my girls to do face up too~ ^^

I used lotsa pastel to put on the eyes, to create some smokey effects around the eyes.

Done! test photo with a 16mm acrylic eyes on.

Test photo with a wig on

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bakaneko's homecoming Mini Dolfie Dream Al-azif

She belongs to my friend- Bakaneko ^^ i helped him out during last After Event Dolpa lottery and which given me a chance to meet a MiniDD for the very first time ^^ so cute~ a very different 'feel' from the most of the dollfies i've ever encountered. She is much more lighter, softer XD; and no elastic attached !

tho sadly, this parcel were held in custom for insecption and taxation when receiving it from the post office today..

okie dokie, here goes a few box opening pics at my friend's place~ couldnt stay for long during my lunch break, managed to take a few then chao back to work ~ but i'll bring over Aeyra and Tiara over his place soon~heheh

Monday, August 04, 2008

3rd Anniversary with Seara

a belated birthday wish for my darling first daughter Seara~

3 years together and still my favourite girl ^^being the first daughter seriously meant a lot to me ^w^

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Codename: Schora

Another safe arrival, result from yours truly impulsive spendthrift behaviour orz

gender unknown, so i gave 'it' a codename : Schora <<- does it sound like MALAY to you? lolz, yes, i stylized the meaning of School in Malay (the 'Sekolah' ), cuz it's a SCHOOL HEAD A ! \OwO/ seriously i never tot i would one day fetch this head home @_@ is like WHOA~ another unbelievable home coming 'doll'.... next up, is to test face up~ @w@;;;; yosh, ganbarimasu \>w

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Aeyra Lyelane

Yesterday, she's still a dream.

But today, she is a dream come true ^_^ Finally, i really get to fetch my dreamdoll home at last.

It was really a pleasant surprise, i was expecting she'll be here on Friday, but she came in and waiting at my doorstep for me instead *lolz*

It's my first time, trying on Volks Dolpa After Event(online), and it was a really lucky chance, i managed to get her into cart, cuz i were told by friends, the Online After Event are very hard to access and put the desire items into the shopping cart during they event day was held. Then, the second miracle is, she avoided from taxation, which i never expected to be. She does bring a lotsa good lucks to me ^_^ from the day i decided to get her, everything has been really smooth going~ in case you are not familiar with her, She is a Volks Dolpa 19 Limited Edition - Super Dollfie Girl- Tae .

And here are her arrival pictures i took during my lunch break & after work at night, so please excuse for the night shots,I know it's terrible, but i couldnt get enough lighting preperation this short time ><; i'll try to take some better photos of her next time ^^; :
The custom didn't even bother to read the invoice that was put outside the box for them to check, thank goodness, we are blessed and avoided from taxation XD;

It was very well packaged, but my hands... are shaking.... cuz... too excited !! >w<;;;

the items inside *this picture looks likean auction from on Yahoo Japan Auction ^^;;; but NOWAY, I'LL NEVER LET HER GO*

Oh my gosh! my sleepy beauty~~ >w< !!! (my heart nearly fainted, cuz it's uber surreal that my DREAMDOLL is WITH ME NOW!!!! )

*i melts* is a real Anais..... tho volks re-released her as Tae now...but she still the Anais i always love~

welcome home Aeyra ^_^

Tiara finally gets to meet her 'long lost sister' XD;

The default LE outfits from Dolpa 19 and Dolpa 15 respectively ^^ how i miss Tiara's default outfit, it brings back lotsa lotsa lovely FIRST TIME memories of her ^^

and now ^_^ a new page and memories to collect for Aeyra~ Lyelane-kazoku is a happy family now~. Thanks for all the well wishes, greetings and pray~, i really really really appreciate and grateful for it. You guys are LOVE! thank you so much ^_^

i can finally sew for SD-sized doll too~~~ XDDDDD yay!