Thursday, May 24, 2007

Photostory: Belated Bday Gift

Today, i received a parcel from my friend(Blackwing Dias) aka my Chan Gar(cantonese=family in law). *note:the doll relationship - Sefa & Tiara is a young couple for now ^^*

and here goes a short photostory i made upon the parcel's arrival this afternoon, during my lunch break ^^;

pretty lame, cuz i seldom do this, plz forgive of my messiness on editing a photostory for doll ^^;;;; *bows* please enjoy if you think it's readable ^_^

okaerinasai= welcome home~
mi = shortname for "mommy"

Me and Tiara's 1st anniversary

Happy Belated birthday ! Her first birthday was on 16 May ^_^

It was a greatful year together with Tiara *hearties*