Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Pink is LOVE ♥ II

Another PINK setting.... izzit too much? ^^; well, i got a few more post and 'new furniture' for her... *note about the new furniture: dey are actually old one, just dat i was really hate those odd purple and green color soo much, i decided to spray painted it into WHITE* more to come soon, cuz i haven't finished editing the photos, got interrupted and i couldnt continue for the rest of the post. Mebbe tmr, i'll post more,stay tuned ya ;DDD

Friday, December 23, 2005

Fun at Li's place XD;;;

I especially love this set of outfit, it's from Jenny's collection, other than that, got a very nice hoody which make her looks very Lolita-ish too

this one is from dollheart~ very nice craftmenship, and this outfit makes lil Seara look sooo mature, like a OL XD;;

Dollheart shoes!! love it!! ish very expensive and it was a gift from Lily's fren. The packaging for the shoes were really nice, and of course, the shoes itself ish really awesomely detailed! expensive, but worthy too. I really hafta agree, sometimes, things are better to buy than make ourselve, and this shoes are a very good example.

ahah, their actually heights/difference. Ignore the bg, we were rushing on the costumes and accessories for the next day (CF05 day 1) XD;;; i was the most relaxing one, cuz i din cosplay and was free to play around with her kids ,ekekekeke

this is using my digicam, sorry for the prev shots, was my handphone cam, an upclose on lil Nana~ *hearties*

This was taken from CF. First time i see ppl take pic with their dollie, esp a blythe and a Pullip. Somemore, 3 photographers with very GENG digicam to take pics!!!

i think the doll belongs to this gal, and my guess was.... jooli.com 's? cuz i get very familiar when she took out the blythe and pullip out to take pic with Shizune they all. Her Pullip was indeed pwetty, love her outfit

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pink is LOVE ♥

O hishashiburi~ *hearties*

A close up. p.s. I love the natural lighting

and i bought a lovely miniature cabinet lately to display my Rement Miniatures, the size fits, yay!

i can't put all ,but i will change the display regulary, since i got 16 sets to play around ^^

Friday, November 18, 2005

cute Little Black Dress

A gift from a lovely fren, Tzel and her mother for making this lovely crochet dress for Seara. Fits her perfectly~. And i m so happy dat Seara got new outfit now, am tempting to bring her out for photoshooting XD;;;;

Monday, October 31, 2005

Guitar Love

I grabbed this cheap miniature, (in fact, it's a lighter) for onli RM13.50 from a shop selling coke merchandiser last Sunday! woohoo! it was a PURRRFECT scale for Seara. I couldn't tell which guitar model is this...nor ibanez or gibsons series...but it looks familiar as if i seen this before somewhere...

Seara FITS! YAY!waiii!!!! XDDD convincing me more to make her a Murasaki cosplay before my own XD nyek nyek nyek

Monday, October 24, 2005

Seara's Yukata II

Thanks to Aslah for giving me this beautiful Jap cloths.This time, attempt a short length one.

The hair, took me quite some time to tied it up ><;;; wanted to tied braids, but too small for my fingers to do so TT, that's the furthest style i can do for her.

A lil close up and tweek on the color adjustments ^^

The lil fan is from Re-Ment Wazakka Series! which is perfect for this outfit, cuz all the item are based on oriental-style.

Mini pouch also from Re-Ment, but not the slippers, i made those using sponge sheets and rope-like strings ^^; the craftmenship ish bad, cuz it's very difficult to cut out the sponge sheet... that's why the slipper sides are a bit jagged...but glad it, it fits Seara very well, so when u see from far, still presentable? XD;;; kekekeke

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Seara Purrrrr

Wat i was proud of about this is... is all made from scratch, total scratch. I simply drafted out a rough pattern to sew this furrry outfit out XD;; i m daring myself to cut and sew the fake fur without a proper measurement from Seara XD;; and taadaa, i did it! And i present you, a KuroNeko Seara ;D

wat i m even prouder was her wig XDDD which cost me less than the usual fur wig i could get online(?), DIY definately save me whole lot, plus Seara ish shooo small, almost everything she need, is on an affordable price for me to pay for ^^

Seara purrrrrrrr~ now she's acting a lil naughty and sexy(?)

Monday, October 17, 2005

Neko Gal

The meww gal XD;; i had this idea of cat-wig from the DoD Si ^^ she can go MWEEE~ but still, the 'ears' din turn out well on this, maybe i should try on something else. But i m urge to sew one kitty-outfit for Seara XD;;;;;

And yes, a new face-up, too much blushing on her cheek *swt*

Dearie Seara ^^ happy with the fur wig? *hearties*

Sunday, October 16, 2005

C-head first face-up

Finally, i decided to unpack the C-head i bought last time and give a try to paint the face, and it's more difficult to paint than my Seara's head. Truely, becuz i hafta draft it out first before painting it. Another first attempt, still got lotsa thing to learn and need MORE practice of course...

TaaDaa~ i did it, but dun looks good.. still my first try for this. Looks, a bit matured than Seara, she can be Seara's jie jie XDDD;;; shall give her a name soon...hmmmz... she do looks adorable with this face up*on second tot*, but i really wish this is black/brown/ or any more natural color than blue...is there any way to dye synthetic hair?? *wonders*....

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Seara art : Pink

ohoho~ i used the previous snaps of Seara and reference and did this. PINK Seara XD;;; i love Pink color a lot, mwehehehe

Friday, October 14, 2005

New Fur Wig and Acrylic Eyes

Thanks to Aslah for the useful wig sewing tutorial link she gave me last time ^^ and i tried to sew one for Seara using the fake fur i bought from Singapore last time! I m so glad the wig is loooong enuff to make a new middle-length wig for her ^^ this is just a raw, needa restyle it again with some hairspray later. But i m so proud dat I manage to sew a fur wig for her *hearties* oh, and the eyes, newly bought from Artistique (online, US) ^^ app. RM2.8 per pair of acrylic eyes, great bargain~ courtesy of my friend-Aslah again XD cuz i tumpang ordered the eyes with her.

close up on the Acrylic eyes for Seara. the Green one is from Artistique, while the purple one is from Volks, which i bought it along with the body (DP02). I got a bit surprised, it turned a bit yellow ...mebbe it's acrylic/plastics, that's why it turned yellow... no wonder my friend recomend me to get some glass, now i know WHY. but glass eyes are almost double or more the price of the Volks acrylics *siiighs*

Hoho~ XD i was working on an IRONING board *luffs* and these are the sewing props and material i used to sew the fur wig XDD (excluding my phone XD;; ) Ohoho~ spend almost 7 hours (i started to sew from 6pm) to get the right pattern size for Seara . Finally~ i DID it~ yay for my efforts,ekekekekke XD;;; *siao me* lolz

Monday, September 26, 2005

Seara & Wazakka (Re-Ment)

Seara got her new bear bear from the Re-Ment Wazakka set i bought for her.

Part of the sets, which consist of the Summer,Spring and Autumn in here. The bearbear plush she's holding are from the Autumn set.

Close ups on the miniatures. Truly detailed. But too bad, Seara doesn't fit in the geta (jap clog shoes).

Each set of rement comes with a very little cutey keychain *hearts*

Cross-posted some on my own blogger too ^^

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Casual Afternoon Dessert

a daylight shot of the food and Seara. She's in casual afternoon dessert ^^ needa re-adjust the top before i can print some pattern on it ^w^ yess! Seara's EXCLUSIVE! yay ;DDDDD

The food again~ XD yumm, ehehehe

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Re-Ment Wa-sweeto miniatures

Some 'beehoon' snack she's having now ^^ nice, i really like this re-ment miniatures, even i were placing the food for photoshooting nearly tot it was edible XD;;;;;;;; esp the lil mochi in the baskets, it was so really, and the plate of the 3 triangulars kueh (rice cake) too, yuumm P=

the details of these miniatures reallly awesome! ish definately worth ur money! as they are truly DETAILED 'crafted' and, dey produce ONCE, no reproductions of this set. That's make this set more PRECIOUS! cant wait for my 2nd set of Re-Ment to come too~ Seara ureshii desuka? (Seara : *nods* ^^ ) XDDD

aren't these FOOD simply irresistable to TABE I MASU YO!!! XDDD

Thursday, September 22, 2005

A visit to Aslah place again ^^

Aslah's dearie boi, a Tensiya HOUND. Isn't he HAWT! I finally get to met him in FLESH (aka resins) today!

the face up by Anu ish simply amazing and dazzlingly nice!!! it's so find and even the lips line is so visible and detailed * praise Anu very much* and happy for Aslah on getting him at last *hearties*

my gal oso came along ~ here, she met You again! XD but she nearly made Rui angry becuz of some lil miss comm XD but she dun mean it, dun angry ya Ruirui ^^;

Rui ish so cool!! i really love how Aslah did the face up on her boys!

last pic, which took me some time to make them pose for a final snap ^^ hope to find some day so dat aslah and i can take pic on our lil one too~ *hearties*