Saturday, February 07, 2009

MDD "Deus Machina Demonbane" Al Azif

Out of some chance(last year December, after HobbyCon) , i brought her home for a stay, becuz her owner, Chester, is having some mess to clear (his figures stock) before fetching her back soon.

So I took this opportunity to take pictures with her, since I rarely get to meet other people's doll in here. She's even all dressed up in her defaults and ready for a snap anytime! ^^

I haven't watch or played this game yet, so i m not sure how to make her pose as she should be... but I think she's cute, tho BIG EYE lolita chara ain't my cup of tea, she somehow, does have some 'attraction' about her ^^

Mini Dollfie Dreams are NOT elastics jointed like the normal BJD works, and they are much much more lighter than my Tiara (Super Dollfie Cute Ren), Their material are sorta soft, elastic(?), not really resins, but i can't tell what is it...^^;;; so much different from a normal bjd i know about. To me, it's a whole new experience dealing with MDD. Good to know, hehehz~ ^^


I did a doll comparison with both Al-Azif and Tiara. Al-Azif's head are wayyyyy bigger than Tiara's, so the Al-Azif default wig don't fit on Tiara ^^; MDD got smaller boobs too , so, don't try to get MDD clothings(exclusively for MDD only) for MSD/SDC cuz it won't fit on them. . i was actually attempt to let Tiara try on Al-Azif's costume, unfortunately, she can't even button up to the chest ^^;;;;;;

Lastly, a simple studio set up.... now u know how i works on this photography session with her XD;;;


The shirt dress i ordered from Aki /Princess Aki (Angel.Candy-Rock) is finally here~~

I love receiving parcels, especially for my dollies ^^

a very cute HAND-DRAWN label by Aki ^^

just a quick snap of Tiara on her new clothes ^^ can't wait to take some better photos of her in this new shirtdress soon~~~

Even it looks like a simple pattern shirtdress, but it's worthwhile when i look into the sewing craftmenship of it, it is sooo good. Compare to mine, i got a long way to reach this awesome standard.