Monday, November 08, 2010

Dear Girl's Season

Took quick trip down to Kundasang and Ranau with friends on my off days from work. It was really a fun day. We had a spontaneous cosplay photo outing for a friend at this beautiful Kundasang War Memorial, whilst I took this opportunity to bring my darling Aeyra for her first outdoor photo snapping ^^ It was a great day, cuz less visitors yet still made some curious sight at her and also the cosplayer herself there XD;

But I got pretty much positive response from the visitors that first time seen a resin ball-jointed doll, even the gardeners there thought she's pretty and like her ^^ Tho it was kinda uneased to take picture when they were like observing at me taking pictures of Aeyra.

Okie dokie~ off for the pics~

It sez " Please don't step on me(grass) or I'll die" XDDDDD;;;;

Aeyra on some interesting newspaper archieves in the 'mini museum' found there ^^