Friday, February 24, 2012

Little Love Affair

Instead of putting all photos in a row, now I'm trying out a new way to present a photostory in slideshow. Featuring Aeyra and Yuhra in their little love affair ♥ Picture quality are pretty sad because it was done in a poor lighting room.. ;_; *sighs*  Anyway! hope you'll enjoy the show~ I'll try to do better *next time*

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hobbycon 2011

Firstly, big apology for not able turn up on the 2nd day of hobbycon due to some unforesee circumstance. It's really hard to handle a booth all by myself, in the end, the first day, I managed to do a simple setup to display Yuhra, Eayra and Tiara in their Japanese Kimono and Yukatas only. 2nd day, I decided to give up on displaying and gave the booth space to my neigbour friend 'Team Day-Dreamer' to sell their fan-comics and merchandise.

I gave out some of my networkcard(pic above) to people whom drop by my booth on the first day. Met some new and old friends over the booth,glad to know mostly are pretty positive towards this kinda hobby. Yet little dissapointed is that,I was hoping to meet another dollowner in my place, yet no sign of them, so which still makes me a foreveralone.jpg here.

No much pics were took on the day, as the lighting around the booth was really bad, I took a  few pics from my friend's (Edgar) album to share here.

Pic by: Edgar Gillingan
Pic by: Edgar Gillingan
Pic by: Edgar Gillingan
Overall display on Hobbycon 2011 Day 1