Friday, August 03, 2007

Amber Loves Seara

Today is Seara's 2nd Birthday ^_^ She has been a wonderful daughter to me, i hope that i can give her the best i can.

Made a remembrance birthday card for our 2nd anniversary ^^

Happy Birthday Seara!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Elegant Summer

This set of clothing are up for SALE, kindly visit my handmade blogger/online shop Eliseheart for more information and picture details ^^

Frankly, i like Tiara in these wa-lolita very muchie too~ X3 The theme for this is elegant summer, because victorian style in summer usually gives a feeling of noble and tender in elegancy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

From Volks!

finally, received my parcel from VOLKS safely. My first time BUYING stuff from VOLKS online, it was a pleasant transaction and FAST! i got my parcel within a week time ^_^ I was fortunate to have relieved from the custom taxation, because it's below RM500 for items sent on EMS/courier services.

what i bought:
- 1 EB beauty body type A (new body for Seara)
- 2 Dolfie plus 02 body (belongs to Videl & Buma)
- 1 pair of 8mm gray acrylic eyes (belongs to Videl)
- Super Dolfie Catalogue vol 3 ( MINE!)
- Juliet Jam collections, 5 items!
- dolfie plus short wig (MINE!)

At last, Seara and Caera can share clothes! i m happy with her new body, becuz got smaller boobs than the dolfie plus 02 XD;;;;; and i bought quite some stuff for Seara, those Juliet Jam collection are all for her ^^ but Caera will still get to wear it, since both of them now can share the stuff together ^^ I especially love the shoes and the poodle bag XDDD it looks really cute, that i couldn't resist but bought it. The onli dissapointment is, the dress ... i regretted, cuz i CAN SEW dat myself...the official photos was simply biased in a way dat made me bought it T_T;;;

The Super dollfie catalogue are just wonderful! i finally get my own copy and now i can see what type of head mold of my choice, if i ever get to do a FCS too ^_^ mostly are from Tenshi no Sato. Just sad, they don't have Anais-head T___T well, that's why it is soooo precious to own her...

my choice of FCS:

SD10 or SD13

F-16 (Lucas/Chris alike),i m actually a fan for Shiki XDDDD(Miaka's boy),but i seldom shout out my feeling toward him. i really like to look at Shiki, larr Mia, please lar, take more pics on your dear Shiki soon, i really miss him VERY MUCHIEEEE.

F-19, sweet and cute >w< i like it more as a girl in this sample picture ^^ Reason i like about this head becuz it looks 'balanced' to me X3 and she'll look nice in any angles too.. ahah, i dunno how to say, the head mold simply fits in my preferences of the type of doll i want.


F-06, basically, is a mini Anais. If i din get Tiara at first, she MIG be my first BJD, but dat time, i was trying to resist any MSD for a SD Anais.

F-09, i can see, this is a mini F-19 XD;;; reason are same as F-19, cute and sweeeeet!

F-17, doesn't she looks a bit like Tiara? or izzit just me? XD; the headmold is cuteeee!! and it's only available in Tenshi no Sato too TwT;;;;

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Photostory: Belated Bday Gift

Today, i received a parcel from my friend(Blackwing Dias) aka my Chan Gar(cantonese=family in law). *note:the doll relationship - Sefa & Tiara is a young couple for now ^^*

and here goes a short photostory i made upon the parcel's arrival this afternoon, during my lunch break ^^;

pretty lame, cuz i seldom do this, plz forgive of my messiness on editing a photostory for doll ^^;;;; *bows* please enjoy if you think it's readable ^_^

okaerinasai= welcome home~
mi = shortname for "mommy"

Me and Tiara's 1st anniversary

Happy Belated birthday ! Her first birthday was on 16 May ^_^

It was a greatful year together with Tiara *hearties*

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Simple Wa-lolita Yukata

Another simple wa-lolita(japanese-ques lolita)Yukata.

and also testing my new camera - Durand (Canon S3) i just bought not long ago. Still testing and experimenting, becuz this camera got MORE functions than my last one- Nikon Coolpix.

Cosplay : Enma Ai (Jigoku Shoujo)

Tiara's first attempt in Cosplay! cosplaying as Enma Ai from the anime 'jigoku shoujo'(Girl From hell). Tho it was not done on purpose, cuz i just wanna make a typical japanese doll with the kimono and the black 'hime' wig i bought from Josephina_Di_Venetia(HK) last time. Surprising, she pretty fit into this cosplay ^^ and i love to see her in a Japanese-ly look~ one of my friend said she has the aura of a regal princess...perhaps i'll try to do one if i can XD;;;;

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Doing Esthetics on Tiara (Volks SDCute)

This isn't really a tutorial, as myself are a NOOB in this, basically, i m doing a record/logs for my own, but you can take this as a reference, because i can't assure if what i did here is right or not ^^; if any of you are following these steps/way, please, do at your risk. Thanks for ur kind attention =)

First, i will explain a bit on what kind of tools i used to do the esthetics on Tiara.

removing seamsline : carving tools,sand papers

cleaning : Mr. Color thinner, soap water(not shown in pic)

color/blushing :pastel(not shown in picure),acrylic(not shown in picure),brushes, Mr.Super Clear-Flat(for finishing + sealing the paint/pastels), chopsticks (to hold the parts to dry)

restringing : picker(?), strings, clips.

First, i unstrung the parts out, and put them accorddingly, it's not necessary to arrange them like this. It was my first time, i was afraid if i made any mistake with the parts detaching, that's why i put them seperately in this way.

Then, i start to remove the seamsline with the carving tool, remove it little by little. Then, sand it with sand paper no.400 to sand off any visible seamslines after the carving tools. Then use sandpaper no.1200 to smoothen the resins.

I also did some hole opening on her hands, just a slight sanding on the middle part of her fingers and gaps.

This is the picture before the sandings were done...

After sanded...

Then, after I sprayed a layer of MSC(Mr. Super Clear-Flat), i put some pastel to add in some blushing on her hands ^^

I din do the blushing to all her parts, i only did on her hands and foots, the rest, i sprayed about 2 layer of MSC and let it dry like this...

when i m done with all above, i restring her back.

Sorry, no picture of restringing...because i forgot to take pic... ^^;; basically, u can the string tutorial (for Volks dolls)HERE. (basically, it's a COMPLETE esthetic way , only in some case like restring, i use strings to replace for some tools in here ^^;;;)

After all were done, Tiara looks cleaner (sorry, no photos yet) and her pose-ability are better, at least the legs wont falls back like last time ^_^

and i m glad the SDCute restringing are easy to do. I overcomed the 'fear' of restringing now, hehz ;D thanks to the manual that were enclosed by Volks, it's waaaaay so useful. I just cant imagine, why some doll company such as LUTS don't include any instructions or manual for their user? O_o;

i din meant to offend on other doll company, just that, they should make it for their user, so that they can take care of their dolls in a proper way. ^_^

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sweet Afternoon

Finally, some love for Caera ^_^ i get to done with sewing one simple loli-dress for her, the pattern were taken from Doll Cordinate Vol 3, a very nice book to sew~ and the small little details are really 'eating up' my eyes @_@;;; sewing for 1/6 is harder than 1/4(MSD). But in the end, i enjoy doing it ^w^

okie dokie, here goes some pics of Caera in a sweet afternoon~

Friday, March 02, 2007

Little Girl meets Boy

Aslah came back from Spore for a CNY break, and i m very happy that i get to meet her up with her boy- Reon (Souldoll Paris) too. I really missed chatting with Aslah ^^ is good to hear that you're doing great in Spore now. We had a short session at Aslah's house, taking pics with the bear bears XD then we head a Cafe @ Tj Aru beach for some good chat and some photo taking sessions with our kids ^^

ps. Reon is a very very caring brother ^^ my Tiara always in luck to meet very very nice oniisan around ^^

Happy Chinese New Year

We're chinese, so we celebrate this Chinese New Year,!

wishing y'all a Happy Chinese New Year from Lyelane's Family ^^

Gong Xi Fa Cai~