Thursday, July 23, 2009

Boy In His First Year

This magazine layout concept is not my original idea. I've seen some dollie owner did such concept before and it was dearly awesome. This, is a belated birthday photography for dear Schora. Time flies, it's already a year for this first boy in my family XD;

Kindly ignore the content, very chapalang one, cuz i ain't a good copywriter, i just wanna make a magazine layout of it with text , it's typed out from my randomness =P

Splash Page:

Left Page:

Right Page:

and extras:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Coffeebean, tea leaf or dollie?

For the very first time, my dollie blog earned me a freebie , a food tasting @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Waterfront KK. Thanks to Julian who passed out this information about giving 10 bloggers a previledge to try out their new food & beverages promotion.

It's kinda hard to relate dollies with food reviews XD;; but i tot it would be interesting to bring either one of them for an outing which i've been longing for XD;;; eventually, I went there twice, due to the first day, the F&B couldn't make it on time, but then, we still get to have one complimentary drink and some light serving, until 2nd day is the official food tasting instead XD;;;;....

First day was fine, the food was nice too, but then... Tiara wants something else...

unfortunately, no choco but a Tuna Topped and a Cheese Ham sandwiches ^^;

i ate the cheese ham, and i left the tuna topped one for Tia.

lorrr, she's dissapointed cuz no choco ^^;;;;

Thank goodness an ice-blended mocha(which also yours truly's all time favourite) saved a smile from her XD;;;;


the other bloggers & also my fellow friends too XD; taking pics for their blogs as well ;3

The 2nd day~ i decided to bring Aeyra ^^ But sadly, my camera do no justice for her with the poor lighting in there TT;;;;; I managed to save this ONE and ONLY pic of her at the coffee bean there *le sighs*

guess what next? ....THEY DO HAVE CHOCO(brownies) IN THEIR PROMOTIONAL F&B!!!! awwww, sorry for dearie Tiara~~~~~~

These sandwiches basically are similar to the what they served us yesterday. Of all, I like the brownies most ,cuz i luuuurve chocolates too ^^

Seriously, I m not good at reviewing things, but I am basically a coffeebean fan XD;;; if you asked me how to rate, as a fan, is pretty biased, i certainly give good feedbacks about coffeebean's F&B XD;;;; cuz it's really good *lolz* XD;;;;;;;;;;

Coffeebean, tea leaf or dollie? still DOLLIE XDDDDDD;;;;

p.s. sorry for the lame title & photostory~~ cuz i am so in 'chapalang mode' when typing this out XD;;;;

oooh and one more thing, on behalf of The Little Room , THANK YOU TO COFFEEBEAN FOR THE AWESOME FREEEEE F&B XDDD;