Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mini Petit Gathering

It was a very last minute gathering just me and Sakuya-chan during a msn chat. So I brought my two To-Love Ru petit and petit Rin out (right after the dolly sessions done from the previous post XD; )

The Junjou Romantica petits belongs to Sakuya, as for the other random mini figures, courtesy of Kirameki Cafe's collection .

A line up of those 'attended' the gathering XD;

Two beloved gift by friends last time ^^

The expression is uber cutey!!!

Meido Moina accidentally broke the poor board, poor poor thing, and the petits mourn on it *CHOII!*

The kawaii Junjou Petit ^^

ahahs XD Tia holding Suzuki-san.

JANJANG~~ it's OMAKE TIME again! XD;

Random Nombor SATU (1) :

Saki & Rin sot sendiri in there =P

Random Nombor DUA (2) :

Day out at Kirameki Cafe & Hobby Densetsu

Took a day out with Yuhra and Tiara at Kirameki Cafe, a Maid & Cosplay Cafe managed by my friends ^_^ It's a really fun cafe, do drop by if you happened to come to KK, or you're from KK, please, do support this little fun cozy place, it's one of a kind and proudly the FIRST Maid cosplay in East Malaysia! Do check out their Facebook page for more info and updates from time to time ^^

As we steps in, we'll greet by the 2 really kawaii meido - Moina and IRTea ^^

Moina-chan has a really cute personality, I bet most customers she served will be really delighted and enjoyed their meals here too ^_^

Meido IRTea & Moina with my girl ^^

I ordered Omuraisu(Omelette Rice) and Moina was so nice to draw a cute Neko chan upon serving! You can request for any drawing you like too ^^

Isn't this SUPER-CUTEYYY!!! i hardly wanted to eat this cutey up!!!

After my meal, I took pics around(with permissions and honour XD; ) with Yuhra and Tiara. It's my first time bringing Yuhra for a photo outing, and he's REALLY TALL(to my surprise) and as usual, draw attentions to some customers in there too ^^;;; which is quite paiseh*embarrassing* . But still, it was a fun(?) experience ^^ and finally, Yuhra get to have some photos!!! XDD; same goes to Tiara, took quite some of her in the Cafe too ^^

Yuhra looks on to the photos of meido-tachi and their lovely memories with their costumers of honour.

Tiara sitting at the counter with cute decorations and also some local cosplayers name card here too

it's seldom I get to bring two of them out, so must took TSU-SHOTTO(2-shots)!

other than Kirameki, I also went to lepak*loiter* at Hobby Densetsu too, it's another Figurines & Toys shop opened by a *another* friend of mine. I brought Yuhra over to visit the shop and also took some photos at a cozy corner they have there ^^ Their shop offers a range of quite up to date and nice figurines product too! sometimes you can order from them if you're looking for certain models, they will be happy to help out ^^

Yuhra steps into HOBBY DENSETSU *drum rolls* (meaningless, jz randoms XDD;;; )

Took one of the 1/4 scale figurine beside to compare the size with Yuhra (1/3 scale) xD;;;


Some randoms short photostory~

Part 1: Yuhra - "should have asked her out too.."

zomgggggg, Yuhra blusheddddd!!!! sho cute!!!!

Part 2 : Yuhra- Weird Background...

i think I begins to develope a personality for Yuhra, he's such a Mukuchi(無口)/silent type of guy, hardly can make him talk much in most of the photos I took, but in the other hand, he does have a lot of things in mind.