Monday, October 31, 2005

Guitar Love

I grabbed this cheap miniature, (in fact, it's a lighter) for onli RM13.50 from a shop selling coke merchandiser last Sunday! woohoo! it was a PURRRFECT scale for Seara. I couldn't tell which guitar model is this...nor ibanez or gibsons series...but it looks familiar as if i seen this before somewhere...

Seara FITS! YAY!waiii!!!! XDDD convincing me more to make her a Murasaki cosplay before my own XD nyek nyek nyek

Monday, October 24, 2005

Seara's Yukata II

Thanks to Aslah for giving me this beautiful Jap cloths.This time, attempt a short length one.

The hair, took me quite some time to tied it up ><;;; wanted to tied braids, but too small for my fingers to do so TT, that's the furthest style i can do for her.

A lil close up and tweek on the color adjustments ^^

The lil fan is from Re-Ment Wazakka Series! which is perfect for this outfit, cuz all the item are based on oriental-style.

Mini pouch also from Re-Ment, but not the slippers, i made those using sponge sheets and rope-like strings ^^; the craftmenship ish bad, cuz it's very difficult to cut out the sponge sheet... that's why the slipper sides are a bit jagged...but glad it, it fits Seara very well, so when u see from far, still presentable? XD;;; kekekeke

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Seara Purrrrr

Wat i was proud of about this is... is all made from scratch, total scratch. I simply drafted out a rough pattern to sew this furrry outfit out XD;; i m daring myself to cut and sew the fake fur without a proper measurement from Seara XD;; and taadaa, i did it! And i present you, a KuroNeko Seara ;D

wat i m even prouder was her wig XDDD which cost me less than the usual fur wig i could get online(?), DIY definately save me whole lot, plus Seara ish shooo small, almost everything she need, is on an affordable price for me to pay for ^^

Seara purrrrrrrr~ now she's acting a lil naughty and sexy(?)

Monday, October 17, 2005

Neko Gal

The meww gal XD;; i had this idea of cat-wig from the DoD Si ^^ she can go MWEEE~ but still, the 'ears' din turn out well on this, maybe i should try on something else. But i m urge to sew one kitty-outfit for Seara XD;;;;;

And yes, a new face-up, too much blushing on her cheek *swt*

Dearie Seara ^^ happy with the fur wig? *hearties*

Sunday, October 16, 2005

C-head first face-up

Finally, i decided to unpack the C-head i bought last time and give a try to paint the face, and it's more difficult to paint than my Seara's head. Truely, becuz i hafta draft it out first before painting it. Another first attempt, still got lotsa thing to learn and need MORE practice of course...

TaaDaa~ i did it, but dun looks good.. still my first try for this. Looks, a bit matured than Seara, she can be Seara's jie jie XDDD;;; shall give her a name soon...hmmmz... she do looks adorable with this face up*on second tot*, but i really wish this is black/brown/ or any more natural color than there any way to dye synthetic hair?? *wonders*....

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Seara art : Pink

ohoho~ i used the previous snaps of Seara and reference and did this. PINK Seara XD;;; i love Pink color a lot, mwehehehe

Friday, October 14, 2005

New Fur Wig and Acrylic Eyes

Thanks to Aslah for the useful wig sewing tutorial link she gave me last time ^^ and i tried to sew one for Seara using the fake fur i bought from Singapore last time! I m so glad the wig is loooong enuff to make a new middle-length wig for her ^^ this is just a raw, needa restyle it again with some hairspray later. But i m so proud dat I manage to sew a fur wig for her *hearties* oh, and the eyes, newly bought from Artistique (online, US) ^^ app. RM2.8 per pair of acrylic eyes, great bargain~ courtesy of my friend-Aslah again XD cuz i tumpang ordered the eyes with her.

close up on the Acrylic eyes for Seara. the Green one is from Artistique, while the purple one is from Volks, which i bought it along with the body (DP02). I got a bit surprised, it turned a bit yellow ...mebbe it's acrylic/plastics, that's why it turned yellow... no wonder my friend recomend me to get some glass, now i know WHY. but glass eyes are almost double or more the price of the Volks acrylics *siiighs*

Hoho~ XD i was working on an IRONING board *luffs* and these are the sewing props and material i used to sew the fur wig XDD (excluding my phone XD;; ) Ohoho~ spend almost 7 hours (i started to sew from 6pm) to get the right pattern size for Seara . Finally~ i DID it~ yay for my efforts,ekekekekke XD;;; *siao me* lolz