Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthday Together

A Belated birthday remembrance for the girls born in this beautiful May.

Aeyra celebrating her 2nd whilst Tiara on her 4th anniversary together with me. To me, it's such a bliss to have them with me ^_^

sooooooo much of love♥

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tiara's 4th Birthday

Happy Belated Birthday to Tiara, Crystal reminded me cuz honestly, I forgot , i know i m such a bad and blur mama ^^;;;; Anyway, Crystal-chan gar did a really wonderful recollection reel of my Tiara chan as her birthday giftart~ It was very VERY thoughtful of her, every details of the art in the video make me recalled every lovely memories of Tiara (chan gar, you very scary la, like can read our minds one *lol*) But Thank you, thank you very much for making such wonderful precious video gift.

Woaa, me and Tiara's 4th anniversary already, time flies~~

Next up, Aeyra's birthday is TOMORROW!!!! 18th MAY aaaaaaaaaaa