Friday, December 11, 2015

Yukata girls

Its been quite sometimes i posted my girls again. This was done for sale at an event last September. Improved the pattern to fit the SD better, plus working on SDGr girl body for first time too. And also I finally using all my collections that i've been keeping (hoarding!) for so long .

Attempting some neo-yukata look in this time sewing and styling, my personal favourite will be the red/black with a pleather obi, modelled by Lovera (SDGr Creamy Mami), she looks stunning with a cool attitude like lady.

These one of a kind handmade yukata are available for sale on my fb page :  

thats all from me and enjoy some pictures here ^^

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Seragaki Aoba Figure

Product Name :Aoba (あおば)
Series: DRAMAtical Murder
Manufacturer: Max FactoryCategory: 1/7th Scale
Painted 1/7th scale PVC figure with stand included. Approximately 285mm in height (including stand)
Sculptor: Nanako (Max Factory)
Released by Max Factory

One of my most anticipated figure as this is one of my most favourite BL game protagonist. Honyalala-sensei illustration did a good job on mashing up all the details and pieces in one presentation, my only downside is the expression,  it seems like lack of that Aoba-ish in it. cant tell how or what, probably it didn't click my expectation. But overall details were superb and nice. This is the first release figure of him, due to high demand after the popularity of the Animated Dramatical Murder, they re-released it around the year end of 2013 again.
Unboxing time! ordered another one with a friend, my partner in crime *pukiayam*

close up details before assembling it.

Item represents each and every sub characters in the game/anime, this is for Trip & Virus.

This either represent Usui or Toue

Clear Umbrella and Glove, for CLEAR. oh, and cube rabbit : NOIZ, its scattered around the figure.

Koujaku's pipe

And cute little Ren(rennnnnnnnnn)

Overall was quite an interesting composition in this figure.

p.s. I especially love the ombre to his hair, is a great job.