Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Pink is LOVE ♥ II

Another PINK setting.... izzit too much? ^^; well, i got a few more post and 'new furniture' for her... *note about the new furniture: dey are actually old one, just dat i was really hate those odd purple and green color soo much, i decided to spray painted it into WHITE* more to come soon, cuz i haven't finished editing the photos, got interrupted and i couldnt continue for the rest of the post. Mebbe tmr, i'll post more,stay tuned ya ;DDD

Friday, December 23, 2005

Fun at Li's place XD;;;

I especially love this set of outfit, it's from Jenny's collection, other than that, got a very nice hoody which make her looks very Lolita-ish too

this one is from dollheart~ very nice craftmenship, and this outfit makes lil Seara look sooo mature, like a OL XD;;

Dollheart shoes!! love it!! ish very expensive and it was a gift from Lily's fren. The packaging for the shoes were really nice, and of course, the shoes itself ish really awesomely detailed! expensive, but worthy too. I really hafta agree, sometimes, things are better to buy than make ourselve, and this shoes are a very good example.

ahah, their actually heights/difference. Ignore the bg, we were rushing on the costumes and accessories for the next day (CF05 day 1) XD;;; i was the most relaxing one, cuz i din cosplay and was free to play around with her kids ,ekekekeke

this is using my digicam, sorry for the prev shots, was my handphone cam, an upclose on lil Nana~ *hearties*

This was taken from CF. First time i see ppl take pic with their dollie, esp a blythe and a Pullip. Somemore, 3 photographers with very GENG digicam to take pics!!!

i think the doll belongs to this gal, and my guess was.... jooli.com 's? cuz i get very familiar when she took out the blythe and pullip out to take pic with Shizune they all. Her Pullip was indeed pwetty, love her outfit

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pink is LOVE ♥

O hishashiburi~ *hearties*

A close up. p.s. I love the natural lighting

and i bought a lovely miniature cabinet lately to display my Rement Miniatures, the size fits, yay!

i can't put all ,but i will change the display regulary, since i got 16 sets to play around ^^