Saturday, December 23, 2006

Snowy Xmas

First of all, a Xmas postcard for y'all.

Caera's first Christmas~^^

Although Seara have been two years with me, but she actually gets her first Xmas outfit this year from me. That's why it's her first Xmas with me and her two other sisters ^_^

Caera & Seara in a matching Xmas outfit ^^

Next, is Tiara's turn to show off XD;

This one looks like she is going to North Pole looking for Santa XD;;; maybe Tiara still wanna bug Santa for this outfit from Volks XD;;;;;;

Bear hug hug? *^^*

Last pic of the day~ The top was courtesy of Tsa~ and it's still available for sale!!! (my commission piece) *lolz*

thanks for viewing and have a very merry Christmas to you!!!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Comic Fiesta 2006 ^_^

g so many dolls and dollowners at a time ^_^ I sincerely wanna thanks to all the lovely dollowners and photographers/visitors whom dropped by our humble little doll display @ Neko House booth. And i would like to apologize if i did anything rude or offended any of you during the event . It's my first time, so i m a little shy to talk to any new faces i've seen. But all of them are reallyreallly friendly!!! It's really a pleasure to meet you all. Thank you so much!

This year's CF, i spend most of my time with the dolls XD; unfortunately, my digicam didn't do any justice to most of my takes, manage to pick a very few from hundreds i've took from the event.... which means, i desperately need a new digicam soon TAT;;;;

Okie dokie, off for some photos~

Our last minute preparation doll display, it was rather simply cuz we wasn't able to carry much of the decoratings, but gladly a few items we brought manage to make some presentable display for photographers and visitors to see ^_^

Then Wilde(Too) and Ashlay(Bee-A) joined in ^^ I was overwhelmed by the amount of photographers and visitors taking pics of our doll displays. I am really happy about this, tho i was a little shy to put them out and showing it to the publics. There are even some people requested me to take pics with Tiara XD;

(From left : Reine(Yo SD Suzuna),Shizune(she's like Tiara's god-sister,becuz she is a SDCute too,Kurenai in precise),Tiara, Ashlay, Wilde, Caera and Seara)

Tiara & Ashlay ^^

Then, Fuyuki(Yukinojo) came~ it's a pleasure to meet him!!!! and very happy to meet Trirose with her two kids(Sakaki & Isao) and Constance with her Fuyuki at that time too~!!! Such pleasure~! Akihoshi oso there too~, she brought Madren(Custom House) and HYOU CHANNNN (DoD Si(!!!! dang, i din get to take photos of HYOUCHANNNN TTwTT ;;;; i couldnt recall WHY I DIN take any pics of him?! aaaa~~~!!!! Hyo~~;w; .....

I manage to bring my Tiara to another doll booth (Furuba Dys)to pay a visit to the other dollies there ^^ Another huge gathering over there~! I can't remember much of the dolls, cuz i m new to all of them, except for Hooli's PF girl and Sizer's Cain(Luts...ermm...dunno what kind ><;;is the silver wig one)

A Kohya/Tohya(?), finally, gets to meet one in flesh (aka Resin)!! *__*

I heard, they are meant to be a couple. The Luts was really sexy, wonder if he's cold, cuz the aircon was quite cooling dat time XD; *jkjk,no offend ^^;*

*giggles* My little girl blushed! XD;;;; indeed, she was really anxious and shy when she was asked to sit on this Maddie kor-kor side XD;;;;; Honestly, Tiara never gets near to any big kor kor other than her god brother-Chihiro XD;

Tiara with Madren & Tsutomu! but Hyo-chan already in the bag TwT i was like... a min late to take pic of Hyo-chan, cuz Aki was bout to leave soon TwT...

CF Day 2 (17th Dec 2006, Sun)

this time, i dont need to take care of the doll booth, cuz we only booked for one day, the 2nd day, i have my Tiara 'tumpang' at Furuba Dys ^_^ Ahah, poor Isao, couldnt get up from the 'pools' of laps XD;;;;;the rest did nothing but watching on him to gets up his own xD;;;;

I realized that, my girl tend to be really shy when she sit near to any bishie kor kor XD;;;;;;

Couldn't miss out to meet CBY's Riuen (msd Ken) and Miaow's Adrienne (Bee-A)

Once Tiara met with Riuen, she was delighted, cuz she tot she was Riuei XD;; Tho he looks abit garang, but Tia wasn't afraid to get closer with him XD;;; Reine also came and join in the 'fun' <---*touch Riuen's knees* XD;;;;;;;;;;;

Back at home, Tia was too tired and rest on her brother's laps ^^ how lovely to see oniisan pampered his little sister ^^

I love this simple snap on them ^^ My Tia love her niisan very much ne~ Tiara 'kyuuuu' on Chihiro X333333

Monday, November 20, 2006

Avatars & Banners

I'm compiling all my avatars and banners here. Feel free to take these banners to link my dollie blog ^^ I would really appreciate if you can kindly drop your blog or website to me too , at least i know who linked me out here and i'll be glad to link you back too, Thanks!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting 100*100

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting 100*100

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 200*40

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 200*40

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 200*40

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 200*40

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 88*31

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 88*31

Thank You for viewing ^w^

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dolpa 16 - Xmas 2006

Volks DOLPA 16 this coming Xmas. Having a collaboration with HN NAOTO

I love the dress. Looking forward to see more pics of this releasing soon..
Thank goodness, no sign of Anais in Dolpa 16~ if not, i think i m gonna die in no mercy XD;;

click the banner below to view the details ;3

That SD girl simply reminds me of Ryuuzaki Momoko from the movie Kamikaze Girls (Shimotsuma no monogatari). And much chubby looks, as if she looks like a MSD head mold too. Still sweet, i more fond of her outfit than the doll herself tho ^^

Monday, November 06, 2006

She want to be a Prince...

Recently, a lot of my friends and some doll forum members told me Tiara got a boyish look! Well, it was interesting if i can let Tiara do the crossdress or make her a BOY! lolz ^^

And now i let her try to become a Prince and see...

this is one of my favourite shot ^^

actually, i test sew a lot on the normal shirt pattern until i get the right size for her. With a little add in of frills ,a pleat shorts , along with a few matching pleat mini crownies and a ribbon pendant(?) in here ^_^ and of course, the Dollheart boots are a bonus too! really love the Dollheart shoes very muchieeee^^

so, does Tiara have the shonen-fuu(少年風)in here? ;D

next image i m gonna try... might be a PIRATE XD;; will see how's things work out if i manage to sew any pirate-related outfits for her XD;;;;;

A Knit Affair

Dropped by to Tsa's place to past her some stuff and hang around with her mom as well ^_^ Her mom is really PRO in knitting, she knit a lot for Riuei!! XD; I brought my Tiara along too, and she had soooo much fun trying out so many knitted outfits!!! i was in glee too, becuz my dear Tiara haven't gotten any new cloths for her wadrobe ^^;

one day, will find a day and learn knitting from Tsa's mom, she is such a nice person ne~ o yasashiiiii no obaachan ^^

My favourite plain knit ^^ if i manage to sell this out, i get another one same one as commission ya XDDD so, THIS IS FOR SALE! if you want, just let me know XD;

I love this oversize top too ^_^ added in a lil hi-fashion in Tiara~

My girl is happy to meet Riuei chan again~~~~~!!!