Saturday, June 30, 2007

Elegant Summer

This set of clothing are up for SALE, kindly visit my handmade blogger/online shop Eliseheart for more information and picture details ^^

Frankly, i like Tiara in these wa-lolita very muchie too~ X3 The theme for this is elegant summer, because victorian style in summer usually gives a feeling of noble and tender in elegancy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

From Volks!

finally, received my parcel from VOLKS safely. My first time BUYING stuff from VOLKS online, it was a pleasant transaction and FAST! i got my parcel within a week time ^_^ I was fortunate to have relieved from the custom taxation, because it's below RM500 for items sent on EMS/courier services.

what i bought:
- 1 EB beauty body type A (new body for Seara)
- 2 Dolfie plus 02 body (belongs to Videl & Buma)
- 1 pair of 8mm gray acrylic eyes (belongs to Videl)
- Super Dolfie Catalogue vol 3 ( MINE!)
- Juliet Jam collections, 5 items!
- dolfie plus short wig (MINE!)

At last, Seara and Caera can share clothes! i m happy with her new body, becuz got smaller boobs than the dolfie plus 02 XD;;;;; and i bought quite some stuff for Seara, those Juliet Jam collection are all for her ^^ but Caera will still get to wear it, since both of them now can share the stuff together ^^ I especially love the shoes and the poodle bag XDDD it looks really cute, that i couldn't resist but bought it. The onli dissapointment is, the dress ... i regretted, cuz i CAN SEW dat myself...the official photos was simply biased in a way dat made me bought it T_T;;;

The Super dollfie catalogue are just wonderful! i finally get my own copy and now i can see what type of head mold of my choice, if i ever get to do a FCS too ^_^ mostly are from Tenshi no Sato. Just sad, they don't have Anais-head T___T well, that's why it is soooo precious to own her...

my choice of FCS:

SD10 or SD13

F-16 (Lucas/Chris alike),i m actually a fan for Shiki XDDDD(Miaka's boy),but i seldom shout out my feeling toward him. i really like to look at Shiki, larr Mia, please lar, take more pics on your dear Shiki soon, i really miss him VERY MUCHIEEEE.

F-19, sweet and cute >w< i like it more as a girl in this sample picture ^^ Reason i like about this head becuz it looks 'balanced' to me X3 and she'll look nice in any angles too.. ahah, i dunno how to say, the head mold simply fits in my preferences of the type of doll i want.


F-06, basically, is a mini Anais. If i din get Tiara at first, she MIG be my first BJD, but dat time, i was trying to resist any MSD for a SD Anais.

F-09, i can see, this is a mini F-19 XD;;; reason are same as F-19, cute and sweeeeet!

F-17, doesn't she looks a bit like Tiara? or izzit just me? XD; the headmold is cuteeee!! and it's only available in Tenshi no Sato too TwT;;;;