Monday, September 13, 2010

Hard-R.K. mix In The Room

I've put my order for this figure since early February and I've been patiently waited for 6months+ for this darling figuRIN♥ It was an instant love when they released the prototype preview on the internet. I am very glad it turn out to be a WHOAAAA when receiving her last nite^^

The figure was based on the Remixed version of 炉心融解
(meltdown) sung by one of my favourite vocaloids- Kagamine Rin. I wasn't really into most of the vocaloids, except that I love to listen certain songs only, one of my favourite song was this-炉心融解 which somehow caught my ears some times ago. There's a long story on how i got hooked to this song and everything .... but.. i'll pass XD; <---is lazy to type *lol*

And so, i start with my 'tradition' of unboxing again XD; i love to do this heheheh~ it's also for the very first time, a Malaysia Postman handed this to me carefully to me ON TIME and FLAWLESS! i hope this wont be the last time, Malaysia Post, please keep up the good job for every receiver have a peace of mind TQ.

p.s. Excuse the noobies unboxing here, becuz it's my 1st new figurine i ever bought, i sound kinda jakun for the below description

There's a few layer within the box to ensure every little thing is well protected. kudos to the packaging designer for being so thoughtful ^^

Everything comes with a manual on how to assemble the figurine, and what amazed me is, the details on this figurine, is TRULY ELABORATED to the fullest!!!

Quicksnaps of my beloved Rin,,,,,I am trembling at this moment staring at her.....

Love her facial features too, every details are nicely paint >w< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Tenshi No Sato Visiting Reservation on 2010/11/21

Going Japan, always make many of my dreams come true. At last, get to comfirmed our visit to Tenshi No Sato, hometown to the super dollfie, and I really hope we get to see the autumn falls on this time too, which is one of my MAIN intention to be here.

I am very undecisive on who to bring... i know i cant bring all 4 big dollie all the way down... probably end up with Aeyra and Tiara, especially Tiara, she's the 'Ren',a kinda flower, i assume lotus(?) in Tenshi no sato. I wonder if we get to meet some more dolly owners there and befriend with them ^_^ it would be beyooond awesomenesssss!!! omg, i m in waku-waku(excited) mood for this day!!!!