Thursday, January 12, 2006

afternoon snap ;D

*ignore the bg plz XD;;* i've successfully made a t-shirt with the pattern i found from DoA and mwee~ basically, all here ,except for the shoes, are made by myself *prouds* heheh~ actually, the whole outfit is very simple to sew, so, nothing much prouder i could get about this, just happy i can make something for Seara lately ^^

some closeups i took in a beautiful afternoon, i love the lighting, but dang, from here, i can see how 'char'(bad) i am in doing face up DX;; all the 'weakpoints' are turned out in these close ups, really need another new face up when i got my MSC back from Mel first ^^; ish sooo bad ar... but from far, you wont notice it at all, i even put in some lashes for Seara, that's why i took close up pics of her for this, yet it shows so much flaws i did on her face ^^; really needa re do her face up...seriously, esp her eyes.. needa blend more on this...

click here for a bigger version of the pic (becuz HELLO resized my pic when i post it just now ^^; )

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Misc Pics TWO

Misc 8: the Pika~! *v*

felts work, 05 xmas gifts

Misc Pics ONE

Misc 1: taken from a gothicLolita catalogue, i love the top and i wanna sew one ^w^

Misc 2: hello little one~ *zomgosdafasdf she is soooo sweeeeeto*

Misc 3: aa, the notti one appear * how i love to see the little aichuu got grumpy and do the 'kicking'* XDDDD total sweeto again

Misc 4: i want one toooooooo, already asked cuzen to help me buy this~ weeee, will wait in gleeeee

Misc 5: the sleepy~ X3

Misc 7: Cross leg pose XD

Friday, January 06, 2006

Seara in MATTEL world

I love this kinda mood, i don't know what or how did i adjust this setting, i personally, simply love it ?

and to clarify something about her outfit, i DID NOT sew that, just altered it a bit from Barbie's fashion fever collection ^^; eventually, almost everything in here, are from MATTEL, heh =D

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy 2006 !

A belated new year greeting from Seara and Me, on behalf of 'TLR' *bows* wish all of you visited to 'TLR', always in pink of health and happy always!!! XD;;;

i bought a set of 'sakura hairpin' for Seara from KL last time, she's now in glee and i m so happy she love it soo much ^^ *hearties*