Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Riuei in The Little Room Pt 2

Finally, the 2 days model gets his reward and wear what he suppose to wear ^_^ a boy yukata outfit. Actually i did one same one to Aslah's Neo Guy before, using the same cloth too xD;;; MSD Ken are really special, because being in 2 gender, he can still very adorable looking ^_^ Previous yukata does makes him look girly sweet, and this one, droolicious+boyish look again ^^ Big thankies to Tsa for lending me his boy to be my model ^^ he was one sweet and well behave child, really glad to have him around during this 2 days holiday, will be returning the boy tomoro or next day, unless... Riuei want to wait and meet Tiara when she arrived? ;3 *pats Riuei* *Riuei's puppy eyes looking at me* ........ *amb cant resist his cute stares larrrr XDDDD;;;;;; ) awww.... i ask ur mama first lar, kay? *pats Riuei again ^^ *

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Tsa's Riuei in the Little Room ^w^

I kidnapped somebody's son and turn him into a gal *kena bricks* XD;;;;; well, he behave very well at my place, becuz i was trying out my Yukata pattern on this MSD ken, pretty much fit, just some minor adjustment to make it better *hopefully*. I must say, he does really have one sweet face to kill me , gosh.... lil Riuei just 'crashed' at me XD; will make a boy yukata for him later and the next next day~ *on holiday mood XDDD *

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New member in the room ^^

Thanks to Aki for sending me her 'opening/arrival' pics , i m soooo sooo sooooo happpie to finally see my daugther. It was a moment dat i hardly can describe in word, i can tell, i m overjoyed, too happy with this. Can't wait to see her this July already~ Really testing my patience TwT Currently still at Aki's place, and Aki said Kazusa is pretty happy to see my new gal too XD; but Kotori mig be jealous if she found out, but Kyou-chan drag her away , are safe XD;;; Tiara is using Kyou & Kotori's wig, looks pretty sweet on her too, makes me wanna get these wig for Tiara too ^^; haven't unpack her default wig and dress, that's why she is borrowing it from Kyou and Kotori. Hope she have fun at Aki and Lily's place while waiting for me to come and fetch her soon. Be good ya Tiara, Momma will come to fetch you very soon ^_^

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Finally, the good news!

Very much thankies to Lily and her fren in Japan, i finally get to fetch a Tenshi back TwT Really, this is the thing that i NEVER expected had happened! After a long struggles for Anais 2nd, now i laid down and ended up bonding with this lovely LE from doll party 15. She is a SD Cute Ren. I gave her a name, Tiara Lyelane, and i will be welcoming her home when i get to fetch her at Lily's place during this July ^^ now i can happily sew another new line of dolly cloths when she's here *actually, i am sewing some for Sakana's daughter too, trying to get the right size of her children at the moment...*

Note that, i've decided to change my doll-family surname from "Monde" to "Lyelane"(pronounce as Lee-lane), that's how my chinese name sound like, so ya, dollie surname is now more related to ME ;3 uffufuu, the 'mother' of 2 XD;;;;;;;;;;

Miniature collection

My collection of wazakka (rement),wa-sweets(re-ment) andomiyage(mini megahouse) ^^

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Usagi Yukata ^w^

staring into the space, thinking of something...and i know what she want ^^;;;; waiting for her Yamato....

full view of the Usagi Yukata ^w^

Finally, finished another better yukata for Seara, after testing and experimenting over 5 yukata during the last 2 days holiday (sunday and labour day), i m quite happy with this one ^^ It's actually a Usagi(rabbit) prints jap cloths, one of my MOST FAV cloth collection finally taken out to make into this Yukata for Seara. Still got some left over, mebbe will make use of those lovely leftovers for some other new simply clothing for Seara again. The cloths dat she's sitting also one of my fav collection of cloth, hopefully will make into a Yukata again soon XD;;; omgosh, i think my fond of yukata in me is growing like mad, after making almost 6 yukatas for Seara, i still wanna do more *lolz*