Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bakaneko's homecoming Mini Dolfie Dream Al-azif

She belongs to my friend- Bakaneko ^^ i helped him out during last After Event Dolpa lottery and which given me a chance to meet a MiniDD for the very first time ^^ so cute~ a very different 'feel' from the most of the dollfies i've ever encountered. She is much more lighter, softer XD; and no elastic attached !

tho sadly, this parcel were held in custom for insecption and taxation when receiving it from the post office today..

okie dokie, here goes a few box opening pics at my friend's place~ couldnt stay for long during my lunch break, managed to take a few then chao back to work ~ but i'll bring over Aeyra and Tiara over his place soon~heheh