Saturday, July 12, 2008

Codename: Schora

Another safe arrival, result from yours truly impulsive spendthrift behaviour orz

gender unknown, so i gave 'it' a codename : Schora <<- does it sound like MALAY to you? lolz, yes, i stylized the meaning of School in Malay (the 'Sekolah' ), cuz it's a SCHOOL HEAD A ! \OwO/ seriously i never tot i would one day fetch this head home @_@ is like WHOA~ another unbelievable home coming 'doll'.... next up, is to test face up~ @w@;;;; yosh, ganbarimasu \>w


Jamie said...

Hi there, I'm new to BJDs and I have no knowledge of anything. I was wondering if it's ok to ask you questions? For guidance, if you will. I'm from Malaysia too so I was really hoping to find someone from Malaysia who could help me and answer any questions I may have, is that ok? I was looking to make my own 1/6 BJD. Hope you get back to me at, thanks so much!

Digitalia Diary said...

hi jamie,

thanks for dropping by my blog. actually i m not good in explaining or giving guidance.

but i would suggest you can go through the links i have on my blog to find the dolls you likely wanted to have? especially the online doll shopping.

hope it helps.