Sunday, September 05, 2010

Tenshi No Sato Visiting Reservation on 2010/11/21

Going Japan, always make many of my dreams come true. At last, get to comfirmed our visit to Tenshi No Sato, hometown to the super dollfie, and I really hope we get to see the autumn falls on this time too, which is one of my MAIN intention to be here.

I am very undecisive on who to bring... i know i cant bring all 4 big dollie all the way down... probably end up with Aeyra and Tiara, especially Tiara, she's the 'Ren',a kinda flower, i assume lotus(?) in Tenshi no sato. I wonder if we get to meet some more dolly owners there and befriend with them ^_^ it would be beyooond awesomenesssss!!! omg, i m in waku-waku(excited) mood for this day!!!!

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Chiaki千秋 said...

bring back some souvenir if can XD