Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mini Petit Gathering

It was a very last minute gathering just me and Sakuya-chan during a msn chat. So I brought my two To-Love Ru petit and petit Rin out (right after the dolly sessions done from the previous post XD; )

The Junjou Romantica petits belongs to Sakuya, as for the other random mini figures, courtesy of Kirameki Cafe's collection .

A line up of those 'attended' the gathering XD;

Two beloved gift by friends last time ^^

The expression is uber cutey!!!

Meido Moina accidentally broke the poor board, poor poor thing, and the petits mourn on it *CHOII!*

The kawaii Junjou Petit ^^

ahahs XD Tia holding Suzuki-san.

JANJANG~~ it's OMAKE TIME again! XD;

Random Nombor SATU (1) :

Saki & Rin sot sendiri in there =P

Random Nombor DUA (2) :


maslight said...

OMG telinga patah @_@

S.A.K.U.Y.A said...

XDDDDD famoussssssssss

琥珀 said...

massy> has dey fixed it today? XD;