Friday, September 02, 2011

夏Natsu of Love

Is a late summer post and finally, managed to took them out for some couple pictures together ^_^ Honestly, not much progression eversince I'm into some new lifestyle (more active into sports/outdoors) and hobbies (cosplay) that made me neglecting my dollies pretty much ^^;;;

Here goes some quick snaps of Aeyra and Yuhra

Another thing is, I got them a very special optional hands, which is call SD Girl /SD13Boy Option Hands -'Holding Hands’. It's a limited release optional hand which allow two doll to hold hands! It's a very thoughtful and sweet idea from Volks to have this kinda optional hands for dolls, especially couple dolls. I was fortunate to grab the last one before the sales were called off.

# This is the holding hands box packing.

# Comparison with the Aeyra's and Yuhra's default hands.

That's all from me and hope you enjoy your stay in my blog here ^^v


maslight said...

Omg i so love this post, itu kain sangat cantik!

Mikazuki Akane [三日月 茜] said...

I love the second pic!!! So sweet~~

pumpkin said...

this is a real anime from japan.. unique dolls.. nice.. ^^
Uniqueness Country

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