Friday, June 20, 2014

Sisterhood of Lyelane : Reyra

I've been meaning to get a new SDgr girl body for Aeyra, but out of all Volks going to release, they chosen Tae again!!! And I am officially having another Tae, never in MY whole wide world would imagine of fetching another Tae, except for the sweetdream still in my wishlist to get. Eversince I had my Lovera (Creamy Mami) home, I'm in love with SDgr body, so much fun with the pose-abilty it can do.

And now, a commemorative box-opening post~. Naming her Reyra, adding into the sisterhood of Lyelane family now.

Love her default natural soft faceup 

The new instruction/guidebook and also Tae's leftlet

They included an option hands purchasing form,
but its for JAPAN only...sosad...

such delicated dress.

Reyra & Aeyra in their default,
Aeyra is using Lovera's SDgr body
at the moment.

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