Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tiara in Gothic Lolita II

Same outfit. Just trying on her nother fur wig i bought last time ^^ she looks pretty boyish in this wig. Her shoes, added on her height to fits the mini chair XD;


shoofy said...

hey there.. ^- ^
i get to come here cuz one my friends told me that this site has some pix of dolls and they looked like BJD..
so i just came to c n didn't want to go without sayin hello '- '
oh.. i'm a 21 yrs old korean girl.. or maybe a lady.. T~ T
n i also own some BJDs too~ ^- ^
i want to know about u too but i'm not used to blogs so it's a little difficult for me to figure out where the links are and where they leads to;;;
so i couldn't c that much pix here.. T- T
if u wouldn't mind, please visit my homepage~ c ya~ ^- ^/"

Amber said...

hi shoofy,

it's really a pleasant surprise for you to drop by here. *hearties welcome you here ^^*

it;s also a pleasure that your friend introduce you to my blogger here. Actually this is just my online Diary, you can onli check the previous post if you want to see more of my older picture of my doll.

Actually, i m a new bjd owner ^_^ Tiara is my only and recent bjd i have, so you wont find much of bjd here. Instead, i started with my 1/6, i think my 1/6 Seara got more photos compare to my current Tiara (SDC Ren).

i've visited your homepage too. You did really nice job on the face up of your bjds too. i really worship your great skills. ^^

oh, if you wanted to know more about me, kindly email me at ^^ would love to befriend with you too *hearties*

Amber @ Kanariya

aki said...

oooh Tiara looks lovely in the fur wig, reminded me a lot of Haruhi.

oh white boots? look at Volks site, got one white winter boots. 3000 yen. Unless u looking for gothic lolita boots ^^

Amber said...

ohohoh, am planning to make the ouran uni for her XD;; hopefully she can make it for haruhi this coming cf~ <33

nyuu, i cant find the winter boots from volks ;w; i think it's sold out liao... *shikushiku*