Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dollfie Video Sharing

Oh my gosh, after watching this, I seriously overwhelmed, that, Kawahara Yumiko's 'Plant Doll' (a manga serial) does exist, truely truely exist, when i saw the homey gathering of various collector, which included male collectors. How lovely if i can have a homey gathering like that~ a little circle of fellow friends to share this lovely hobby together~ ^^

Is a pretty nice documentary about dollfie that convey in English.

There is another documentary about dollfie in Japanese, which filmed mostly from dollparty 15 (Volks Doll Event) in Japan, where's my Tiara's 'born' ;3 I heard that, her kind of doll, the Super Dolfie Cute-Ren were sold out within an hour , I m really glad and fortunate to fetch her home ^_^ That day, reminds me how anxious i was, guarding the volks site and also Den Of Angels Forum board all the time. My moments were mostly post over my personal blogger >April 06 archieve XD;

Tiara got some stained, needa give her some 'aesthetic make over' soon, but first, hafta finish some clothing for her first! sewing W.I.P.....


shoofy said...

amazing~ >_ <
i could understand part of the second one..
(2yrs of jap learnin helped.. haha)
but sad.. that they only showed Volks.. ;- ;

Amber said...

shoofy> wow, you got 2 years of japanese is great! ya, it was too bad they onli show volks, if they can show the dollshow event, there got more varieties of doll to be shown.