Thursday, March 15, 2007

Doing Esthetics on Tiara (Volks SDCute)

This isn't really a tutorial, as myself are a NOOB in this, basically, i m doing a record/logs for my own, but you can take this as a reference, because i can't assure if what i did here is right or not ^^; if any of you are following these steps/way, please, do at your risk. Thanks for ur kind attention =)

First, i will explain a bit on what kind of tools i used to do the esthetics on Tiara.

removing seamsline : carving tools,sand papers

cleaning : Mr. Color thinner, soap water(not shown in pic)

color/blushing :pastel(not shown in picure),acrylic(not shown in picure),brushes, Mr.Super Clear-Flat(for finishing + sealing the paint/pastels), chopsticks (to hold the parts to dry)

restringing : picker(?), strings, clips.

First, i unstrung the parts out, and put them accorddingly, it's not necessary to arrange them like this. It was my first time, i was afraid if i made any mistake with the parts detaching, that's why i put them seperately in this way.

Then, i start to remove the seamsline with the carving tool, remove it little by little. Then, sand it with sand paper no.400 to sand off any visible seamslines after the carving tools. Then use sandpaper no.1200 to smoothen the resins.

I also did some hole opening on her hands, just a slight sanding on the middle part of her fingers and gaps.

This is the picture before the sandings were done...

After sanded...

Then, after I sprayed a layer of MSC(Mr. Super Clear-Flat), i put some pastel to add in some blushing on her hands ^^

I din do the blushing to all her parts, i only did on her hands and foots, the rest, i sprayed about 2 layer of MSC and let it dry like this...

when i m done with all above, i restring her back.

Sorry, no picture of restringing...because i forgot to take pic... ^^;; basically, u can the string tutorial (for Volks dolls)HERE. (basically, it's a COMPLETE esthetic way , only in some case like restring, i use strings to replace for some tools in here ^^;;;)

After all were done, Tiara looks cleaner (sorry, no photos yet) and her pose-ability are better, at least the legs wont falls back like last time ^_^

and i m glad the SDCute restringing are easy to do. I overcomed the 'fear' of restringing now, hehz ;D thanks to the manual that were enclosed by Volks, it's waaaaay so useful. I just cant imagine, why some doll company such as LUTS don't include any instructions or manual for their user? O_o;

i din meant to offend on other doll company, just that, they should make it for their user, so that they can take care of their dolls in a proper way. ^_^


连小凤 said...

oh my..seriously luts tak include?

~_~ oh well

I kena re-think bebanyak still but srsly..:D ur brave to do the restringing and overcome the fear nu ^_^ *thumbs up*

maslight said...

sounds creepy...omg. so much detailing.

LeeHng said...

Oooo so thats how its done... wah feels funny to know that she got cut up ^^" u can jadi part time doctor loh? haha