Friday, March 02, 2007

Dollmeet KL 20070210

Came back since last Sunday, but my internet connection simply go 'hangkang'(down) since the day i left for holidays. Now trying to update from my office before going home T_T

Eventually, came back with an amount of 35KGs(?) of 'victory item' from our shopping spree XD; unexpectly, i din buy any ACG related stuff, nor any books O_O; Not even KLCC Kino...time was too short T_T

At least the dollmeet on Saturday(10 Feb 2007) with some members from bjdasia(livejournal community) was really nice!! Thank you for the lovely day~ Tiara and i had so much fun meeting y'all ^w^

Tiara was happy, she found a 'dad' and a *coff* boy-friend(?) XD;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

here goes the pics for your viewing pleasure ^^

Tiara met a iplehouse Silvia, Silvia belongs to another ms. Amber ^^ (amberV from DoA)

Chiyo (the birthday girl at the dollmeet) and Hayato, both belongs to Yuki, a very very nice and friendly girl ^^

Tiara and Vergil~ (Atticus punya anak XD; ) a very posable DoC Hoo!!!!

Instantly become Maddie's daughter in this dollmeet XD;;; yes, Maddie is Tiara's god-father XD;;;

This looks like a small family portrait, on the right, is the cutey little Kohen~~ by the way, both Maddie and Kohen belongs to a very very very very friendly Akihoshi (from DoA)! i missed her Hyoubei (DoC Si) very much tho , she din bring her..zannen su yo TwT...

Tiara and Chiyo looks like sisters!!! lovely ^^

Tiara with Kohen, ahah, was trying to pose them in a huggable way, seems a lil wrong in hereXD;; paiseh~

Fuyuki (SD16 Yukinojo) being sooo motherly love to th little Kohen~

and behold~~~ Tiara's boyfriend! Sefa-kun~~~! actually i din know that Sefa liked my girl so much, until Constance told me, Sefa eventually smiled when i put Tiara togethe with him XD;; this is so lovely, cuz never tot this dollmeet turn out to be a match making for both Tiara and Sefa *hearts*.

love to see how the puppy love blooms *hearties more*

MSD dolls group pics ^^ it was a wonderful dollmeet with them. Frankly, this is my FIRST dollmeet in KL, really thanks for all of them who had joined and gathered together for the fun ^^ and pleasure to meet all of them too!

Last two pics were taken at my auntie's house, her staircase displayed a lot of those cute wooden duckie, so i took a few photograph with Tiara ^^ the outfits looks pretty matching with the duckies XD;;;

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