Friday, May 15, 2009

joyeux anniversaire

It means Happy Birthday in french, bout it sound like a joyous anniversary to me. Tiara's 3 years with me, whilst Aeyra celebrating her 1st anniversary with me on 18th June~ I hope I'll able to sew more to make them more beautiful in everyday,every year (i hope XD; )

A birthday rememberance for both of them ^_^

It's her birthday today! Happy birthday darling dear ^^

Aeyra celebrating her 1st year anniversary on 18th May too~~ marked my dream came true since 1 year ago *lol* is SHIAWASE.

letting her to try another wig i got from dollga last time ^^


maslight said...

OMG i love the last 2 photo, I mean Aeyra's hair is damn gorgeous!~

Anonymous said...

Your girls are gorgeous and you photograhp them beautifully.

Digitalia Diary said...

massy> thank you

dominiquebe> you found my blog via LJ? thanks for dropping by with your compliments ^^