Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sewing Log : For Tiara

I used the same pattern as for Aeyra in the previous log to sew for Tiara (1/4 scale size) ^^ but this time, i choose a different fabric to try, finally use one of my favourite fabric for sewing~ i've been keeping this for so long *lolz* it's TIME to make good use of it before it grow mushrooms on it~ XD;;;

I am pretty happy with the outcome, tho the finishing(which you can't see it here, cuz it's either inside or at the back) still very bad ><; i m not good in sewing need works, still amateur... orz

p.s. i suppose to make a headdress for her, but turn out look like a bonnet.... i is phailz.... orz


maslight said...

/sawan..it's gorgeous kana sama I orz @_@

Digitalia Diary said...

massy> sankyuuz~ but still got lotsa flaws one if u look closely >///<;;