Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flower Girl

I never expect this would ever happened to me... I've got the bouquet *blush* from the bride O_O; yet, the flowers end up as part of the props to take some pictures with Tiara ^^ Real flowers does give better visuals in photography, unfortunately, my Durand(aka digicam) din do any justice for these lovely Gerberas~.

Noticed anything 'unusual' from the pics other than flowers? heeheee~~firstly, new face up~ it's my first face up for Tiara XDDDD; still not so steady hands, dat's why i didn't paint the lashes ^^;;; Lastly, a pair of SDC optional hands H-03(the curl/punch hands)~~ courtesy of Atrikaa for accepting my order for this limited SDC optional hands order from Volkusa, gracias so much!

P.S. Since these flowers are from a wedding, would like to wish the newly-wedd Nicholas and Jean, congratulations~ may you have a blissful new life ahead~ ^_^


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