Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Poladroid Birthday gift for Sefa 2010

Happy Belated Birthday to Sefa on 22nd March~~ even the parcel i think... were late due to the third weekend on last week.... post office were closed TT i managed to send out the gift on 22nd March T_________T;;;;;;;;;;;

Hope Crystal received the gift today~ tho it was our very last minute idea when we found a very interesting software to play with , Poladroid project , where polaroid goes digital too! fun software, i like it very much~ esp the instant effect~

Here's some 'backstage' photos of Tiara camwhoring for the making of 'fake polaroid' XDDD;;;;

# Tia trying to figure how to use my digicam XD; Mimisiku and Titikus watch over.

# Tia: hmmmz... this should do.. *snaps*


# Tia: ♪ ♫~~ (she's writing some love notes for the bday boy ^^ )

# a few polaroid samples~ and of course, Sefa got MORE than what shown here, is exclusive one XDDDD;

# i think Tia likey camwhore too xDDDD;;;;;


maslight said...

So cute!!!!

Nana said...

awww~~ so adorable~~<3 !! xDD

Sylvia said...

ohww...!!! SO CUTE >___<

Mikazuki Akane [三日月 茜] said...