Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Comic Fiesta 2009- another (lame)story

A special appearance from JoLing's handmade socks plushiesss, so cute~ and i made a short n simple photostory out of it~ XD;

Green Bunny: Hi sweetie*wink* (prevy looking)
Tiara : *shocked*

Red Bunny: Hey you!

Red Bunny: Stay outta way 'Greenie'!! Don't you kacau(disturb) them here!! or i'll call the police!!!
Green Bunny: !! what? me?!!

Sefa: *pick up Red Bunny* hey there little one, dont be angry, he ain't any harm to Tiara, I think he just wanna be-friend with us.

Green Bunny: ya, beFRIENDDD PLEEEASE~~~ I don't mean to be bad at all, honest! cross my heart!
Tiara: I don't mind to befriend with 'Greenie', I think he's cute ^^( tho abit scary n pervy XD;;; )

And so, Green Bunny, Red Bunny, Tiara and Sefa lived happily ever after.

The End.

I know, it's a lame short photostory...cuz i just cant think of a better plotting for this ^^;;; not good in story making, please forgive~~~ *bows*

Thanks to JoLing for letting me to borrow her plushies to take photos with our kids~~ and really pleasure to meet you again~ hope to see you again in the next CF2010! cheers~~

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Sylvia Easter said...

aarrgghh ~ so cute XD