Monday, October 24, 2005

Seara's Yukata II

Thanks to Aslah for giving me this beautiful Jap cloths.This time, attempt a short length one.

The hair, took me quite some time to tied it up ><;;; wanted to tied braids, but too small for my fingers to do so TT, that's the furthest style i can do for her.

A lil close up and tweek on the color adjustments ^^

The lil fan is from Re-Ment Wazakka Series! which is perfect for this outfit, cuz all the item are based on oriental-style.

Mini pouch also from Re-Ment, but not the slippers, i made those using sponge sheets and rope-like strings ^^; the craftmenship ish bad, cuz it's very difficult to cut out the sponge sheet... that's why the slipper sides are a bit jagged...but glad it, it fits Seara very well, so when u see from far, still presentable? XD;;; kekekeke


kei said...

oh my she is super cute! love the cute hair XD

oh and btw, I've checked the link that you gave me..the new DOD are frikkin' AWESOME!!! Lahoo, Camine and Shall!!! they're driving me nuts with their super outfits...thanks for the info~ :D

sertyan said...

Hi Amber!
Just saw your new Yukata and I love it! The cloth is really pretty too. I haven't been sewing recently because I need to prepare for an exam, so no sewing till after December 17th (Exam day!). See ya!

Amber said...

kei>thanks ^^

btw, if u're checking out the latest updates on DoD, dey added somemore pics on the DoT again! totally killing!!!

sertyan> thanks ^^ i oso will be going thru some mad busy days during this month, not much time i could spend for my Seara. All the best in ur exam too ^^ good luck!