Friday, October 14, 2005

New Fur Wig and Acrylic Eyes

Thanks to Aslah for the useful wig sewing tutorial link she gave me last time ^^ and i tried to sew one for Seara using the fake fur i bought from Singapore last time! I m so glad the wig is loooong enuff to make a new middle-length wig for her ^^ this is just a raw, needa restyle it again with some hairspray later. But i m so proud dat I manage to sew a fur wig for her *hearties* oh, and the eyes, newly bought from Artistique (online, US) ^^ app. RM2.8 per pair of acrylic eyes, great bargain~ courtesy of my friend-Aslah again XD cuz i tumpang ordered the eyes with her.

close up on the Acrylic eyes for Seara. the Green one is from Artistique, while the purple one is from Volks, which i bought it along with the body (DP02). I got a bit surprised, it turned a bit yellow ...mebbe it's acrylic/plastics, that's why it turned yellow... no wonder my friend recomend me to get some glass, now i know WHY. but glass eyes are almost double or more the price of the Volks acrylics *siiighs*

Hoho~ XD i was working on an IRONING board *luffs* and these are the sewing props and material i used to sew the fur wig XDD (excluding my phone XD;; ) Ohoho~ spend almost 7 hours (i started to sew from 6pm) to get the right pattern size for Seara . Finally~ i DID it~ yay for my efforts,ekekekekke XD;;; *siao me* lolz

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