Thursday, October 20, 2005

Seara Purrrrr

Wat i was proud of about this is... is all made from scratch, total scratch. I simply drafted out a rough pattern to sew this furrry outfit out XD;; i m daring myself to cut and sew the fake fur without a proper measurement from Seara XD;; and taadaa, i did it! And i present you, a KuroNeko Seara ;D

wat i m even prouder was her wig XDDD which cost me less than the usual fur wig i could get online(?), DIY definately save me whole lot, plus Seara ish shooo small, almost everything she need, is on an affordable price for me to pay for ^^

Seara purrrrrrrr~ now she's acting a lil naughty and sexy(?)

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