Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mini Outing

Tiara's first outing ^_^ Venue is the Anjung Rimba Park beside the Sabah Arkib building. Was a good place to take dollie for some nice photoshooting (nitpick for the place:wonder becuz the flower season just passed by, not much attractive flowers to take pics with ^^;)

close up<3

i personally love this pic of them together, lovely ^w^

^_^ the mini doll outing we had today, Riuei, Tiara and little Seara (she suppose to be Tiara's elder sister, if accordding to their birthday lolz) XD;

Now, Seara's turn. Actually, she is much easier to manage, becuz she is small XD; and she can eventually took pics anywhere nice, becuz she is light enuff to hang on there *lolz*

close up ^^

Red and green leaves, makes a very nice contrast in here, i love it ^^

one of my favourit too XD Riuei cuteyyyy~~~<3

our next stop were having a tea break at San Francisco Cafe at Tanjung Aru there. ^_^ if we were to have dollie gathering, this place is awesome! Had our dollie yumcha with us too XDD ii kanji~ <3

Okie dokie, Riuei is saying bye bye to me and Tiara, he's going home lorr ~ Tia going to miss you alot nyuuu *pats Tia * larr dear, you will meet him again one lar, he's just 5 minutes drive away from our house *lolz* unless he went back to Sandakan lar.. lain cakap XD;; dun force me to take u there if no holiday ^^;;; OKAY JYA XD that's all for today. I had lotsa lotsa fun today. Thanks Tsa for keeping me company for today's mini outing. Wish we have a bigger dollie fren gathering next time ^^ *cheers*

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