Monday, June 19, 2006

The different looks on Tiara

I sewn a furwig for Tiara ^_^ I m quite happy, cuz it looks really sweet and decent on her <3

Attempted a simple top and a layered skirt

her standing pose is quite a steady one, but I was having problem with her sitting pose (not the suwarikko one), her joints/legs falls behind, and it's hard to bend at 45 degree... i guess needa do some wiring? sueding? *shrugs* i dont dare to do this yet ><;; till i get enuff information to start....

I love her suwarikko pose <3

ahah, took pic with Riuei again XD and i simply love this pics becuz of the way Tia posed here <3

Tia put on Riuei's wig (a default/original MSD Ken Wig), LOVELY, i want to get a similiar wig for Tia toooooo!!!!

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