Monday, November 06, 2006

A Knit Affair

Dropped by to Tsa's place to past her some stuff and hang around with her mom as well ^_^ Her mom is really PRO in knitting, she knit a lot for Riuei!! XD; I brought my Tiara along too, and she had soooo much fun trying out so many knitted outfits!!! i was in glee too, becuz my dear Tiara haven't gotten any new cloths for her wadrobe ^^;

one day, will find a day and learn knitting from Tsa's mom, she is such a nice person ne~ o yasashiiiii no obaachan ^^

My favourite plain knit ^^ if i manage to sell this out, i get another one same one as commission ya XDDD so, THIS IS FOR SALE! if you want, just let me know XD;

I love this oversize top too ^_^ added in a lil hi-fashion in Tiara~

My girl is happy to meet Riuei chan again~~~~~!!!

1 comment:

shoofy said...

seems like u had lot of fun! >_ <
wish i could meet u and ur Tiara too ;- ;