Saturday, December 23, 2006

Snowy Xmas

First of all, a Xmas postcard for y'all.

Caera's first Christmas~^^

Although Seara have been two years with me, but she actually gets her first Xmas outfit this year from me. That's why it's her first Xmas with me and her two other sisters ^_^

Caera & Seara in a matching Xmas outfit ^^

Next, is Tiara's turn to show off XD;

This one looks like she is going to North Pole looking for Santa XD;;; maybe Tiara still wanna bug Santa for this outfit from Volks XD;;;;;;

Bear hug hug? *^^*

Last pic of the day~ The top was courtesy of Tsa~ and it's still available for sale!!! (my commission piece) *lolz*

thanks for viewing and have a very merry Christmas to you!!!



Fishy said...

Merry Christmas to you too ^.^

shoofy said...

oh gosh.. i just saw this today!!
they r lovely!! >_ <
oh! i got a new girl~~
come c on my hp~