Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Ai Family in The Little Room

Pleasure and loves for having Bethamy's daughters drop by The Little Room. Other than the Pullip Latte and Petit Pullip-Fantastic Alice, comes another surprise little Petip Pullip Paja XD;;;

The sun was going to set and din manage to take much nice pic T_T manage to saved a few that is visible... but still, hope to take more pic with them when i got free-er timeslot to do some new clothing for all of them! And becuz of the Petit Pullips, makes me feel like getting the almost abandoned Petit Blythe (bohemian summer)- Kelly out of her dusted box for some new looks soon ^_^

Oh, and the Rements miniatures does makes a reallllly good setups for this phototaking!! but too bad, we have a serious bad lighting for this photo session T_T the Rements were simply excellent, and the two little hamsters(?) and....long mao (aka totoro?? XD;;; ) is so cute!!! i din realize until i was editing the picture, it turn out in Paja's picture to be soooo funny and cute!!! XD;;;

Here goes for the pic pic i managed to saved :

"hajime mashite~ Ai Yume desu" ^_^ First time on TLR, this is my latest god-daughter XD;;; oh and one thing about this pic, i lurrrve her lucious glossy lips >w<

When Alice gets to meet another petit Alice. Awwww, this is sooo LOVE!!!

The special guest XD; Petit Paja~. Oh, and spot the mouse~ ish shooo cute~~!!! XDDDD

That's all from me~ thanks for viewing ^_^

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