Friday, January 26, 2007

Josephina_Di_Venetia is Luv

The parcel arrived today!

i am really happy with the synthetic quality too *_* VERY SOFT....*excuse moi...cuz i m a NOOB dollowner* so soft~ *brush the beautiful long black wig*aaa, i loveitloveitloveitttttt!!!!! finally gets to see Tiara in SYNTHETIC wigs *_* awww,i m really overjoyed(siao) at the moment!!! XDDDDDD;;; mannn, if i got more money, i wanna get somemore from them again !!!! XD;;;;;

Price wise, pretty affordable, cuz i bought 5 wigs which worth HK$710(included shipping and handling) XD cool~ i definately recommend JDV if anyone are looking for doll wigs ^_^

B Ma can read English, so any enquiries in English is fine for her.

this is her e mail : josephina_di_venetia(at)

you can request her for some dollwigs catalogue and also quotations of the wig price,but she can only quote the prices after you've chosen the wig you want from the catalogues.

Actually, they are deal with manufacturing, exporting & retailing(a physical shop in HK) only,that's why they don't have an online shop for their wigs, B Ma told me, they don't have time to do one ^^; But still, I m so glad they accepted my order TwT B Ma ish sooooo nice to deal with!!!!

For MSD wigs, the price range from HK$98 -HK$138. I'm not sure with the SD size wigs price, but i think the price would be quite fair/cheap(?), to compare with other companies such as DollHeart,Leeke,etc... i think Cotins have the nearest pricing with JDV ^_^

*lolz, i know i m such cheapskate in buying stuff for my daughters,but i really having a tight budget to buy for them, in order to save more muhniess... ;_;*

Overall, it was rili great experience to deal with JDV~ <3

Arrival parcel pics starto~

opun opun~ *hearties hearties*

*_* oh LUVS!!!! (already all excited to unopen it and try it on Tiara)

a lovely note from B Ma (she is a very sweet person to deal with ^^ )

Now, on to some quicksnap of Tiara on new wigs X3

My favourite wig, which is the one i m looking for also ^_^ JDV wig is luv!!

Hime-look, this wig is purposely for one upcoming kimono/yukata that i m going to make for Tiara soon!!!

that's all for now XD now i get the motivation to sew some more for the wigs XDDD yay~~

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