Tuesday, January 30, 2007


After the wigs, then the EYES oso came in safely XD;;;

It's just acrylics eyes, and because i wanted to see the difference of her wearing on other kind of eyes, i finally removed her default eyes out. It was hotgun-glued on, so i need a steel pick and a hair dryer to remove the glue and the eyes out of the head O_O honestly, it was scary, cuz it's my first time.

Okie dokie, now, to the pictures~!

As a starter, the arrival mail/parcel again again xD;;;;;

Meow (the seller) was nice enuff to include the boxes for the eyes, I m glad she did, cuz all the eyes were safely received ^^

NOT ALL R MINE, cuz it's a group order. Mine one is just the 'blind pink' and 'emerald green'.

Tiara tried on the emerald green @_@;;;;

close up pic

Seriously, can't get used with other eyes color on her... currently still prefer her in her default HG glass-pale violets.


mirror said...

wah...wanna see next time at your house!!!

Amber said...

berth>yes, come come, always welcome XD;;