Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Holiday

Took a nice Easter Holiday to take some snaps with Tiara.

Just a simple casual wear. Inspirations from a Japanese children fashion magazine-Kodomo Boutique . I love the pattern and style for children~ cuz it's very 'lolita' and sweet ^^ simply the type i wanna sew for my dollies~ ^^


Anonymous said... from name is ying..i like super dollfie a lot..but i don't know where to buy it in it must buy from the online oversea website? i have no idea where to get it..can you give me some tips?

Digitalia Diary said...

hello ying, unfortunately, yes, the only way you wanna buy a dollfie is thru oversea websites ^^ you can find out those website from my link out on the LEFT panel of my blogger, i listed down a few online doll shop to browse thru.

as for the tips, i dont have much, cuz too many way to get a doll, all you need is read thru the payment method of the doll online shop provide, it varies from each others ^^;

sorry, dont know how to help u out ^^; , but usually i would suggest a newbie to do research about dollfie/ball-jointed doll(bjd) before getting one. good luck to u ^^