Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lamento~Beyond the void~

I decided to expand this blog to more of my collections~ which will includes some PVC Figurines collection, miniatures such as Re-Ment and miniature models (e.g. gundam O_O hahah, ya, i m a fan for gundam seed and gundam 00 recently...). Will revamp this blog content soon~

and today, i went to do some cuhrayzeeee thing in front of my house yard...

and bitten by mosquitoes .... figurine outdoor photoshooting is ain't easy at all.. and i get some passer-by stared at me doing this odd thing *paiseh(embarrassed)*

anyway, i've made it and here goes the first-timer snaps of my figurines i took~

Figurines : Kotobukiya 1/10 scale - Lamento ~Beyond the Void~

Scuplted by Saki Asada

Konoe is pretty photogenic amongst them. I bet the background and surrounding fits him really well in here, that's why ^^

Sculpted by Tatsumaki

He is my favourite!!! but my camera didn't do any justice to him~ he got such detailed and well-scuplted amours and sexy*coff* body~! the posture are awesome!!!

Sculpted by Tatsumaki

Asato had lesser detail than Rai, but still, he is so beautiful, i m so glad i have you home boy~<3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Sculpted by Kouei Matsumoto

I heard he's the less popular amongst, but i m still happy to have him~ he's one nice character (minus the BL thingie ya XD guys dun want to know! ) in that game~. One good ojiisan(uncle) take care of his counterpart- Konoe ^^ He looks exactly like the original art! esp his PVC(?)/leather outfit! that's why i m soooo impressed by these figurines~ they really bring life out of the ACG 2d art.

Extra OMAKE XD;;; (click to view)

is my first collection of 1/10 PVC figurines. All thanks to a nice seller -Valiant (Toysworks), he made my dream figurines came true XD; i seriously tot the chances of getting this set are steep~ i m glad, miracles happened! thanks to the middle-'gal'-Aiko-chan too XD; i found these cats! i m really really reallyyy impressed by the craftmenships of these figurines! Japanese are tensai!!! The cats made me look and appreciate PVC figurines in a different way than i used to.

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